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tr.v. lux·at·ed, lux·at·ing, lux·ates
To put out of joint; dislocate.

[Latin luxāre, luxāt-, from luxus, dislocated.]

lux·a′tion n.


1. the act of dislocating a bone or putting a joint out of position.
2. the condition of dislocation or being out of joint.
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Noun1.luxation - displacement or misalignment of a joint or organ
shift, displacement - an event in which something is displaced without rotation
subluxation - partial displacement of a joint or organ


n (Med) → Luxation f (spec), → Verrenkung f (eines Gelenks)


n. luxación, dislocación.
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In addition, there was a left-sided T-shaped acetabulum fracture (OTA classification 62-B2) [6] with protrusio and right shoulder luxatio erecta (Figures 1 and 2).
The mechanism of injury may involve either a direct injury over acromion, superior dislocation of humeral head (6) or inferior dislocation with luxatio erecta.
The right shoulder x-ray (FIGURE 2) revealed luxatio erecta--an inferior dislocation of the shoulder.