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tr.v. lux·at·ed, lux·at·ing, lux·ates
To put out of joint; dislocate.

[Latin luxāre, luxāt-, from luxus, dislocated.]

lux·a′tion n.


1. the act of dislocating a bone or putting a joint out of position.
2. the condition of dislocation or being out of joint.
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Noun1.luxation - displacement or misalignment of a joint or organ
shift, displacement - an event in which something is displaced without rotation
subluxation - partial displacement of a joint or organ


n (Med) → Luxation f (spec), → Verrenkung f (eines Gelenks)


n. luxación, dislocación.
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First Pelvic tilt Hip joint involvement symptoms contractures, feet deformities 1 LW -- -- 2 LW -- -- 3 GW -- -- 4 IMD 40[degrees] right Hip dysplasia/ luxation right Pes equinus 5 IMD 35[degrees] left Hip dysplasia/ luxation left + right Hip + knee flexor contractures Pes planovalgus 6 LW 40[degrees] right Hip dysplasia left + right Hip + knee flexor contractures 7 LW 60[degrees] left Talipes equinovarus 8 IMD -- Pes equinus Pat.
Clinical findings are often similar to an acute ancle sprain even though a peroneal tendon luxation is existent.
Le joueur, dont le poste demande de pousser en premiere ligne de melee et de lancer en touche, souffre "d'un hematome a la cuisse droite ainsi que d'une double luxation acromio-claviculaire des epaules droite et gauche", a precise l'encadrement du XV de France dans un communique, deux heures a peine apres avoir rejoint le Centre national du rugby (CNR) de Marcoussis (Essonne).
Coxofemoral luxation (hip luxation) is relative common orthopedic problem in dogs.
In a complementary investigation, it was preformed computed tomography (CT) of the cervical spine which evidenced C6-C7 luxation, without any associated bone fractures (Figure 1).
He describes anatomical considerations and classification of trauma, examination and diagnosis, treatment planning, and procedures for specific types of trauma, such as fractures, subluxation, luxation, transient apical breakdown, avulsion, and trauma to the primary dentition and supporting structures.
X-rays revealed a four-week-old injury, consisting of a fractured femoral neck, a fractured pelvis in three places and sacroiliac luxation.
The initial treatment plan involved surgical luxation followed by orthodontic treatment.
The device was developed to combat the predominant causes of knee implant failure, luxation, wear and poor positioning associated with metal components, Aesculap's EnduRo knee revision system relies on PEEK-Optima CFR polymer to increase the implant service life and reduce the necessity of subsequent revision surgery, according to Aesculap.
Lateral luxation of the patella, of difficult reduction.
Regarding pattern, the most common type of injury was avulsion and subluxation followed by crown fractures, luxation, root fractures and tooth displacements in various directions.