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Noun1.luxuria - self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins)
deadly sin, mortal sin - an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace; "theologians list seven mortal sins"
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(18) That being said, it seems clear that many ascetics are fundamentally concerned with sexuality and the control of concupiscence (epithumia), for the Greek Fathers, or lust (luxuria) in the West.
Doug Gollan, president and editor of Elite Traveler, a Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine, reported at July's Luxuria 2007, a conference dedicated to exploring various luxury travel topics, that the Federal Aviation Administration "predicts private jet travel to increase by 300 percent in the next decade."
Also on offer is Liv Lorenta's Luxuria plus Uri Ivgi and Johan Grebena's In the Middle of the Moment.
Scottish Dance Theatre will perform three exciting and entertaining pieces - Touching Zulu by Janet Smith; In The Middle of The Moment by Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben, and Luxuria by Liv Lorent.
D'Arms, however, is wrong to discount that there is an allusion as well to Maecenas' luxuria criticized by Seneca.
Whereas today we might call Pieter Aertsen's Meat Stall a hybrid image because, behind the butcher's products, we take note of the choice offered between the exemplum of Caritas (the Virgin handing out alms) and that of Luxuria (the carousing peasants), I am not certain the Antwerp burgher would have made the same distinction between foreground and background.
When Romano Prodi was narrowly elected prime minister media(over mogul incumbent Silvio Berlusconi) in Italy's bitterly contested parliamentary elections in April, pre-op transsexual Vladimir Luxuria shared in the victory.
By the end of the second century BC, Italian cities were erecting official buildings and monuments that were fully informed by Asiatica luxuria, and their citizens were living a political and private lifestyle that also conformed to that norm.
luxuria excess, rankness) of those recipes and feasts that mix vignettes from real life with mock-heroic comedy and poetic flights of fancy.
Their religious signification carries over to 3 Henry V11.4.5 and Richard III 4.4.50 (where lambs are innocent victims) and to Hamlet 5.1.116 and King John 4.1.17 (where sheep may evoke the azazel), and to Othello 3.3.403 and 4.1.263 (where goats symbolize Luxuria and possibly the reprobates in Matthew 25: 3145).