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Adj.1.lvi - being six more than fiftylvi - being six more than fifty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Nietzsche as an evolutionist I shall have occasion to define and discuss in the course of these notes (see Notes on Chapter LVI.
For many mills, the USTERA(r) LVI family includes instruments which each cover a particular aspect of fiber quality, with absolute reliability: the USTERA(r) LVI 930 length tester, the USTERA(r) LVI 960 color/trash tester, the USTERA(r) LVI 975 micronaire tester and the USTERA(r) LVI 920 nep tester provide measurements describing these various cotton quality parameters, while the USTERA(r) LVI 940 serves as the control system and data manager.
0001); LVI or <12 LNs retrieved and organ or LN metastasis (canonical correlation coefficient 0.
NMIBC-VHR included all T1HG tumours with adverse features, such as concomitant CIS, LVI, or VH (micropapillary, nested, plasmacytoid, or sarcomatoid features).
The significance of spermatic cord LVI in the absence of cord soft tissue invasion has not been evaluated, to our knowledge, in testicular germ cell tumors.
Western studies have previously evaluated axillary nodal status with clinicopathological variables like age, histologic grade, tumor stage, receptor status and LVI.
LVI has built expertise in environmental remediation, deconstruction and decommissioning and emergency response, which are its primary service areas, while NCM has a track record in demolition, dismantling, asset and scrap recovery, remediation and disaster response, the firms note.
We also wanted to bring awareness to LVI because we're a small grassroots nonprofit that puts on a worldwide event.
LSD dose was significantly positively correlated with scores on the Mysticism Scale, MEQ, and LVI Creativity.
LVI was defined as the presence of groups of tumour cells in vascular channels lined by endothelial cells without supporting smooth muscle.
After controlling for age, stage, grade, LVI status, ER status, margin status, systemic therapy use, and type of breast surgery used, there was no significant difference in breast/chest wall, or nodal radiotherapy utilization by population size of LHA.