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Adj.1.lxi - being one more than sixty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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There is no best platform for switching--the LXI and PXI standards bring different advantages and disadvantages.
LXi REIT has paid the vendor a 10% deposit with the balance of the price to be paid on completion of the purchase.
An example of a device that can accurately measure WBV is Data Translation's DT8837 LXI instrument module for sound and vibration (Figure 2).
A basic dedicated-network configuration (Figure 1) for an LXI test system comprises a PC connected to a router that connects to LXI-based instruments.
Since it is based on Ethernet, LXI enables new distributed applications.
LXI is particularly favored by the aerospace/ defense industry where strict adherence to standards and compliance is a necessity.
LXi REIT said the acquisition has been funded from equity resources, with senior debt finance to be introduced in the near term.
The LXI Wired Trigger Bus Cable and Terminator Specification describes how cables and terminators are implemented and how they are tested for systems that use the wired trigger bus (WTB).