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Adj.1.lxxxv - being five more than eightylxxxv - being five more than eighty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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In addition, Davis, Introduction, lxxxv, says the play 'may have been composed not long after 1461'; Bevington, Medieval Drama, 756, says it 'appears to have been written.
In doing so, he said, the orator should remain conscious of his or her dignity, draw primarily on self-deprecation and irony, which Cicero called "a choice and clever way of speaking" (Brutus lxxxv.
Computing Productivity: Firm-Level Evidence", en Review of Economics & Statistics, lxxxv (4), pp.
The earlier insistence on fishiness gets the author in even deeper trouble in Chapter LXXXV, "The Fountain.
1 una mula e cuatro / varas de valancina que avian costado L moravedis e LXXXV moravedis en dineros / e despues Lope Perez ovo la mula e non los dineros nin el pano, fol.
Loved and lost," which concludes section XXVII, begins LXXXV in an unmistakeable echo that is both narrative and lyric: it seems to pick up where the other left off but also implies that the intervening fifty-eight sections have only led back to the obsession that began the poem.
6) Dublin University Magazine, LXXXV, March 1875, 382-383.
LXXXV, 296); de esa forma, con tunica negra y los ojos vendados le presenta el cronista mercedario en una acuarela del
El poema LXXXV, como homenaje verbal y simbolico a la Vulva forma parte de un poemario personal, donde indago y buceo, sorprendo y en palabras dibujo, la embriaguez poetica de un instante en la obra, vida, y locuras de Salvador Dali, quien se transforma en espejo de mi propio devenir.
Ira Berlin, "Time, Space, and the Evolution of Afro-American Society on British Mainland North America," American Historical Review LXXXV (February 1980): 44-78.