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Adj.1.lxxxv - being five more than eightylxxxv - being five more than eighty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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2827 (LXXXV) 1259c8-28, embedded in the Jingtu wuhui nianfo songjing guanxingyi [phrase omitted] [phrase omitted].
NA-255 Karachi-XX, in pursuance of section 11A of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 (LXXXV of 1976) and Article 254 of the constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan, due to various operational and internal security commitments, the commission announced the new date of the by-poll in the aforementioned constituency as November 28 instead of November 24, 2016.
The earlier insistence on fishiness gets the author in even deeper trouble in Chapter LXXXV, "The Fountain." For he clearly recognized that fish adsorb air through their gills while the whale "owing to his marked internal structure which gives him regular lungs, like a human being's ...
Though "'Tis better ..." appears only twice as such in In Memoriam (in sections XXVII and LXXXV), love and loss appear together and apart in nearly every section--they are the parameters of the speaker's identity, "the man that loved and lost" (I.15).
Questo finale non e da anti-commedia, ma piuttosto una di quelle azioni "contra l'aspettazione" sanzionate dal Cortegiano (II, lxxxv; p.
Ira Berlin, "Time, Space, and the Evolution of Afro-American Society on British Mainland North America," American Historical Review LXXXV (February 1980): 44-78.
No reason is given for the omission of certain kinds of musician recorded in the Sussex coroner's records, while references in the quarter sessions rolls are omitted on the grounds that they mostly relate to victuallers recognisances (lxxxv).