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Adj.1.lxxxviii - being eight more than eightylxxxviii - being eight more than eighty  
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Aunque, Suarez de Figueroa, en el Pasajero, critica el genero de la comedia, y dice, "Sastre conoci que entre diversas representaciones que compuso, duraron algunas quince o veinte dias," (San Roman lxxxviii), lo que nos confirma que sabia de Castellanos, que este compuso varias comedias, que se representaron, y que su representacion duro dos o tres semanas--un exito para esos dias.
Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca LXXXVIII. Migne JP, ed.
Em seu compilado de leis, no titulo LXXXVIII, que tratava "das cacas e pescarias defezas [sic]", ficou expressamente proibido que as pessoas, em qualquer tempo do ano, jogassem materiais capazes de causar a morte dos peixes nos rios e lagos (PORTUGAL, 1870).
(3.) Seneca, "Letter LXXXVIII. On Liberal and Vocational Studies," in Lettersfrom a Stoic, trans.
LXXXVIII, [section] 1(a)(2) ("The right to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest wildlife shall be subject only to regulations that promote sound wildlife conservation and management and are consistent with Amendment 35 of the Arkansas Constitution."); IDAHO CONST, art.
Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Volume LXXXVIII, Number 3: 197-215.
Gunn writes: "Because of this same fame, his irrefutable public success, it is harder than ever for Beckett convincingly to be an advocate of failure, even when his attachment to failure arises from his deepest sense of what it is to be a writer, one whose role is not to sort or explain or even express things--neither in his literary texts not in his letters" (lxxxviii).