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Any of various plants of the genus Lychnis of the pink family, including cultivated species such as the rose campion.

[New Latin Lychnis, genus name, from Latin lychnis, a red flower, from Greek lukhnis; akin to lukhnos, lamp; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Plants) any caryophyllaceous plant of the genus Lychnis, having red, pink, or white five-petalled flowers. See also ragged robin
[C17: New Latin, via Latin, from Greek lukhnis a red flower; related to lukhnos lamp]
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(ˈlɪk nɪs)

any showy-flowered plant of the genus Lychnis, of the pink family.
[1595–1605; < Latin < Greek lychnís red flower]
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Noun1.lychnis - mostly perennial herbs with sticky stems that catch insectslychnis - mostly perennial herbs with sticky stems that catch insects; widespread in north temperate zone
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Lychnis - genus of plants strongly resembling those of genus Silene: catchfly
Lychins floscuculi, Lychnis flos-cuculi, ragged robin, cuckoo flower - common perennial native to Europe and western Asia having usually pink flowers with ragged petals
Lychins chalcedonica, maltese cross, scarlet lychnis - Eurasian garden perennial having scarlet flowers in dense terminal heads
gardener's delight, Lychnis coronaria, mullein pink, rose campion, dusty miller - an old cottage garden plant of southeastern Europe widely cultivated for its attractive white woolly foliage and showy crimson flowers
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In front of the house the long borders have been stocked with larkspurs, annual and perennial, columbines, giant poppies, pinks, Madonna lilies, wallflowers, hollyhocks, perennial phloxes, peonies, lavender, starworts, cornflowers, Lychnis chalcedonica, and bulbs packed in wherever bulbs could go.
Possibility for selective accumulation of polyphenolics in tissue cultures of senno (Lychnis senno Siebold et Zucc.) Nat.
Mi ges gyfle y diwrnod o'r blaen i grwydro ochrau Llanddona ym Mon ac wrth gerdded drwy'r pentref, dyma ddotio at gae oedd yn llawn blodau menyn, brwyn a carpiog y gors (Lychnis flos-cuculi; Ragged Robin).
Carol: In Latin it is Lychnis flos cucullaria - flower of the cuckoo.
& Godr., Lychnis alba Mill.; Evening, White, or Bladder Campion; Old-field along RR track; Rare; C = 0; BSUH 18566, 18567.
This week's online offer is for six Lychnis viscaria Splendens for just PS3.99 - which is half price.
White campion was classified as Lychnis alba until the 1960s, but because other members of the Lychnis genus split their seed capsules to form five teeth and white campion makes 10, it was moved into the toothier genus Silene.
Flowers of the period, such as lobelia, lychnis, lilies, anchusa and aquilegia, fill the beds with colour.
The bright red of crocosmia Lucifer and the cerise of lychnis coronaria provide blasts of colour while evening primrose, lilies and thyme all add to the fragrance in this tranquil garden.
Mae 'na gyfoeth o flodau yng Nghors Bodeilio ac roeddwn i wrth fy modd yn gweld Robin racs neu carpiog y gors (Lychnis flos-cuculi; ragged-robin) yn ei flodau pinc carpiog, llachar.
Plants like oats and wheat make very good garden plants grown among more informal meadow plants like cornflower, lychnis and achilleas.