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n. licopenemia, aumento de licopinas en la sangre, que resulta en un color amarillo-anaranjado de la piel.
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Physicians are familiar with the terms carotenemia (or xanthoderma) and lycopenemia, the yellow-orange skin discoloration that occurs after excessive consumption of carrots, tomatoes, or beets.
Fluorescent Porphyrins Yellow-orange to red in daylight Pink-red fluorescence in ultraviolet light Biological Pigment Diseases or Neoplasms (a) Carotenes Lesions and tumors with high content of fat [alpha]-carotene Benign: Xanthomas, orange palpebral spots, and [beta]-carotene orange tonsils (Tangier disease), Lycopenes Xanthines (lutein, carotenemia (xanthoderma), lycopenemia, zeaxanthin) lipomas, fibrolipomas, lipoleiomyomas, Retinol (vitamin A) schwannomas, adrenal cortical adenomas, Others?