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1. A plant of the genus Lycopodium, which includes many of the club mosses.
2. The yellowish powdery spores of certain club mosses, especially Lycopodium clavatum, formerly used in fireworks and explosives and as a covering for pills.

[New Latin Lycopodium, genus name : Greek lukos, wolf; see wl̥kwo- in Indo-European roots + Greek podion, diminutive of pous, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]


(Plants) any club moss of the genus Lycopodium, resembling moss but having vascular tissue and spore-bearing cones: family Lycopodiaceae. See also ground pine2
[C18: New Latin, from Greek, from lukos wolf + pous foot]
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Noun1.lycopodium - type and sole genus of the LycopodiaceaeLycopodium - type and sole genus of the Lycopodiaceae; erect or creeping evergreen plants often used for Christmas decorations
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
clubmoss family, family Lycopodiaceae, Lycopodiaceae - a family of ferns belonging to the order Lycopodiales
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5 million was recently completed by Lycopodium for the expansion of the Masbate processing plant to 8 million tons per year [$23 million in 2018 and $2.
Arbuscular mycorrhizas and dark septate fungi in Lycopodium paniculatum (Lycopodiaceae) and Equisetum bogotense (Equisetaceae) in a Valdivian temperate forest of Patagonia, Argentina.
We have been working for the last 25 years in logistically challenging and remote areas," said Peter De Leo, MD of Lycopodium.
Absorbant lycopodium powder is applied with the palm of the hands to keep pits dry.
Green vegetables (Macaranga barteri, Ludwigia octovalis, Lycopodium cernuum, Vigna gracilis, Persicaria decipiens, Alternanthera sessilis, and Clausena anisata), medicinal plant (Sorindeia warneckei) and artisanal materials (Laccosperma opacum, Calamus deerratus, and Smilax anceps) were some examples of this form of exploitation.
I would go around with my science teachers and blow up lycopodium cans, which simulate grain dust explosions.
Lycopodium spores were the first materials to be used to embolize coronary arteries to induce myocardial ischemia.
First record of Lycopodium clavatum (Lycopodiaceae) in Uruguay
The Lycopodium infant may appear to be thin, weak, anxious, sensitive and apprehensive.
14) monitored sag in real time and in situ using Lycopodium spores, particles which sit on the coating surface during drying and enable surface flow tracking via optical microscopy.