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Noun1.lymphangiectasia - dilatation of a lymph vessel
ectasia, ectasis - dilatation or distension of a hollow organ
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, lymphangiectasia
n. linfagiectasis, dilatación de los vasos linfáticos.
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Despite the surgery being a success, just six days later doctors suspected Leo's condition was more uncommon than anticipated with him also believed to have had a lung condition called congenital pulmonary lymphangiectasia.
Conditions associated with mucosal remodelling Infections Autoimmune associations * HIV * MVID * Tb * Autoimmune enteropathy * Whipple's disease * Collagenous enteropathy * Bacterial overgrowth * IDDM * Immunodeficiencies * Cerebellar ataxia * Helicobacter pylori * Dermatitis herpetiformis * Postinfectious diarrhoea * Sarcoidosis Antigen-based Miscellaneous * Tropical Sprue * Malnutrition * GVHD * ZES enteropathy * Parasitic * Lymphoma * Giardiasis * Intestinal lymphangiectasia * Cryptosporidiosis * Eosinophilic enteritis * Enterocytozoon bieneusi * Crohn's disease * Collagenous enterocolitis Drug-induced Food antigens * Vinca * Gluten * Olmesartan * Milk * Neomycin * Egg * Cytotoxic drugs * Soya * Azothiopyrin * Fish * Colchicine * Ipilimumab Table 2.
In addition, the case reports in this issue are rare and interesting cases in the literature such as "Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome", "Stenotrophomonas maltophilia sepsis presenting with perianal cellulitis" and "Renal lymphangiectasia".
(4,7,8) Common causes of bleeding from the small intestine are vascular lesions, neoplasms, inflammatory lesions (like Crohn's disease), Meckel diverticulum, arteriovenous malformation, lymphangiectasia, and radiation-induced injuries.
Physical examination must also cover the assessment of skin changes (i.e., subcutaneous thickening, fibrosis, hyperkeratosis, or papillomatosis), pitting edema, Stemmer's sign, and lymphangiectasia. If systemic involvement is present, ascites, pleural effusion and intestinal lymphangiectasia may occur.
In the differential diagnosis of benign masses in tonsils, the following should be considered: juvenile angiofibroma, fibroepithelial polyp, arteriovenous malformation, lymphangiectasia, squamous papilloma, hamartoma, inclusion cyst, lipoma, and fibroma (6, 7).
[4] maintain that in long-term residents in endemic areas the pivotal event in bancroftian filariasis (BF) is lymphangiectasia caused by live adult worms (AWs) with no apparent inflammation in the vessel wall.
Since that time, PB has been described in association with bronchial inflammation (due to asthma [3-5], allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) [6], cystic fibrosis [7], influenza [8], and pneumonia); cardiac anomalies (especially following the palliative Fontan procedure [9]); and disorders of lymphatic drainage (lymphangiectasia and lymphangiomatosis [10-13]).
The complications, therefore, seen are venous insufficiency, cellulitis, ulcers, thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, lymphangiectasia [7], consumptive coagulopathy with severe thrombocytopenia (Kasabach-Merritt syndrome), and increased bleeding in the intrapartum period [8-11].
An acquired lymphangioma (lymphangiectasia) can occur after surgery or radiotherapy because of damage to the draining lymphatic channels [2].
The surgeon macroscopically described diffuse angiomatosis and splenic lymphangiectasia. Anatomo-immunohistochemical analysis revealed a vascular lesion infiltrating the whole spleen, compatible with a littoral cell angioma.
On the basis of MRI findings differential diagnosis of lymphangiectasia, caries spine and extradural intraspinal cervical hydatid disease type 3 (Braithwaik and Lees) was suggested.