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n. pl. lym·phan·gi·og·ra·phies
Examination of the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels following the injection of a radiopaque substance. Also called lymphography.

lym·phan′gi·o·gram′ (-ə-grăm′) n.
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(lɪmfˈændʒɪəˌɡræm) or


(Medicine) an X-ray of the lymphatic system taken after a contrast agent has been injected, often used to diagnose lymphoma
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Noun1.lymphangiogram - an angiogram of the lymph nodes and lymph vessels made after the injection of a radiopaque substance
angiogram - an X-ray representation of blood vessels made after the injection of a radiopaque substance; "angiograms are produced by angiography"
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n. linfangiograma, representación filmada de ganglios y vasos linfáticos usando un medio de contraste inyectado.
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Lymphangiogram is suggested for some complicated cases to make a definite diagnosis but application in newborns, especially in preterm neonates, is difficult (6,7).
Thus, a lymphangiogram was attempted to determine sites of lymphatic leakage that might be amenable to surgical intervention; however, tracer injected into the lymph vessels in the groin area failed to migrate, likely due to lymphatic involvement with KS.
In lipoplastic lymphadenopathy, the lymphangiogram shows dilated, tortuous and bizarre pelvic lymph channels, and large foamy pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes.