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n. pl. lym·phan·gi·og·ra·phies
Examination of the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels following the injection of a radiopaque substance. Also called lymphography.

lym·phan′gi·o·gram′ (-ə-grăm′) n.
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(lɪmˌfæn dʒiˈɒg rə fi)

x-ray visualization of lymph vessels and nodes following injection of a contrast medium.
Also called lymphography.
[1940–45; lymph- + angio- + -graphy]
lym•phan′gi•o•gram` (-əˌgræm) n.
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Noun1.lymphangiography - roentgenographic examination of lymph nodes and lymph vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium; produces a lymphangiogram
angiography - roentgenographic examination of blood vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium; produces an angiogram
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(9) reported that lymphangiography is effective not only for differential diagnosis but also for treatment of chylous leakages.
Exploratory laparotomy with splenectomy, bipedal lymphangiography and systemic bone marrow biopsy have been replaced by the modern imaging techniques CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis, magnetic resonance imaging, FDG-Positron Emission Tomography (PET).
Lymphoscintigraphy is the gold standard for lymphatic system imaging in primary lymphedema, lymphangiography is avoided because of the technical difficulties in small children and potential serious side effects.
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Lymphangiography is an imaging modality for investigating chyluria, chyloperitoneum, and chylothorax.
reported fluorescence lymphangiography of lymph nodes after administration of two fluorescence marker in different areas of a rat.
Since 1921 following the discovery of X-ray by Wilhem Roentgen, the radiopaque property of LPD hasbeen exploited for radiological diagnoses in lymphangiography, hysterosalpingography, sialography, and fistulography [1].
Lymphangiography showed almost complete obstruction of the deep lymphatic system of the lower limbs with back-diffusion into the peripheral superficial lymphatic system, the left leg more affected than the right.
Lymphangiography was performed, which showed normal lymphatic vessels in lower limbs, new enlarged lymph nodes in inguinal and retroperitoneal regions.
Information derived from lymphangiography, CT, MRI or PET cannot be used to change the FIGO stage; however, it can be used for planning treatment.