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or lym·phoe·de·ma  (lĭm′fə-dē′mə)
Swelling, especially in subcutaneous tissues, as a result of obstruction of lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes, with accumulation of lymph in the affected region.
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Noun1.lymphedema - swelling (usually in the legs) caused by lymph accumulating in the tissues in the affected areas
dropsy, edema, hydrops, oedema - swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities


n. linfedema, edema causado por una obstrucción en los vasos linfáticos.


n linfedema m
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Announcement of competition: Lymphedema and compression - national procurement
Lymphedema Management: The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners, 4th Edition
A woman who has had lymphedema since the early 2000s is seeking Sh1 million for operations at Kijabe hospital.
Eiger will continue to develop ubenimex for lymphedema based on its distinct mechanism of action impacting lymphangiogenesis as published in Science Translational Medicine (Tian et al, May 2017).
2] Secondary lymphedema (LE), one of the well-known complications of breast cancer treatment, is defined as an accumulation of protein-rich interstitial fluid due to the insufficient capacity of the lymphatic system.
Also, chronic lymphedema (Stewart-Treves syndrome), most commonly following after breast cancer treatment with axillary node dissection, increases the risk of angiosarcomas.
v=5UUZCrO-_dY) Sunday Morning ," where she revealed that she's suffering from Lymphedema.
The study centres on the company's investigational gene therapy product Lymfactin, which is poised to be used in the treatment of secondary lymphedema.
Lymphedema is a chronic, debilitating disorder characterized by abnormal tissue swelling, adipose deposition, tissue fibrosis, and edema resulting from disruption, blockage, or genetic abnormalities of the lymphatic system.
Objective: Breast cancer-related lymphedema is an important health problem.
Synopsis: Lymphedema is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system, which normally returns interstitial fluid to the thoracic duct, then the bloodstream.
11-13] Lymphedema management focuses on limb hygiene which would prevent the secondary bacterial infections, prevention and cure of entry lesions, exercises and limb elevation to increase lymph flow, and wearing appropriate footwear.