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(Medicine) a technique for examining the lymph nodes using X-rays
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(lɪmˌfæn dʒiˈɒg rə fi)

x-ray visualization of lymph vessels and nodes following injection of a contrast medium.
Also called lymphography.
[1940–45; lymph- + angio- + -graphy]
lym•phan′gi•o•gram` (-əˌgræm) n.
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a description of the origin and function of the lymphatic system.
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Noun1.lymphography - roentgenographic examination of lymph nodes and lymph vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium; produces a lymphangiogram
angiography - roentgenographic examination of blood vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium; produces an angiogram
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It turned out that the corrected NB ("statistical method" upgraded with the prior class probability) was able to significantly outperform Assistant in the primary tumor domain (reaching 50% of classification accuracy) as well as on two other medical diagnostic problems (lymphography diagnosis and the breast cancer recurrence prediction).
Traumatic Nontraumatic Bone fractures, particularly long bones Pancreatitis (2) or pelvis (6) Orthopaedic procedures Sickle cell haemoglobinopathies (12) (6) Autologous fat injection Lipid injection (lymphography) (10) (2) Cardiac surgery (3) Muscular dystrophy (5) Pleural irrigation (1) Hepatic failure/necrosis (2)
Number of Number of Number of Dataset instances attributes classes Categorical datasets Lymphography 148 18 4 Nursery 12960 8 11 Promoters 106 58 2 SPECT 267 22 2 Numerical datasets Blood 748 5 2 Breast cancer 286 9 2 E.
Recent advances in indocyanine green lymphography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and lymphoscintigraphy have led to the improved assessment of lymphatic vessels in the patients with extremities of lymphedema.[sup][5] However, the assessment of central lymphatic vessels, such as the thoracic duct (TD), is uncommon.
Percutaneous transabdominal cannulation of the thoracic duct at the cisterna chyli with lymphography and selective distal embolization with coils or tissue adhesive is a safe and minimally invasive technique for the treatment of CL that do not respond to conservative management, with a reported success rate of 45-70% [45, 51].
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Zelch and Haaga [13] studied the advantages of CT over lymphography. CT provides a better means for assessing the true extent of disease and permits accurate follow-up assessment of therapy.
We also do experiments on three public datasets: lymphography, SPECT heart, and breast cancer.