lynch mob

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Noun1.lynch mob - a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authoritylynch mob - a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authority
mob, rabble, rout - a disorderly crowd of people
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What sort of divide has happened in India where you are accused of ulterior motives if you criticise the lynch mob?
But the lynch mob after Lineker should put down the rope and consider the issue calmly and reasonably.
At my age I'm lucky to be able to get my pants up, let alone drop them" Actor George Clooney "Things may be bad but to have Jeremy Paxman finish Newsnight by saying things like, 'We're back to depress you with more news tomorrow night' I find tiring" Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville, above "No Newt is good Newt" Anti-Gingrich posters in Florida "There is a faint whiff of the lynch mob on the village green" Lord Digby Jones, former head of the CBI, on the stripping of Fred Goodwin's knighthood "I know well enough that as a man of 80 years, if I say that many things were better in our society when I was young, those who never knew those years will condemn me as an addled old fool living in the past" Tory peer Lord Tebbit
A BLACK footballer was chased and attacked with bricks and stones by a "lynch mob" after a game in the Midlands.
THE OX-BOW INCIDENT, SKY MOVIES CLASSICS, 8.20pm While passing through a small town, two drifters get caught up in a lynch mob's hunt for cattle rustlers.
Drawing on contemporary reports and other primary source documents this volume describes the 1906 lynching of three black men believed by the mob to be responsible for the murder of a white family and the rare prosecution and conviction of one of the leaders of the lynch mob. The work examines the racially charged social and political climate in this small "New South" city that led to the killings and the subsequent efforts of city leaders to scrub these events from the town's history.
Ten people have been arrested in relation to the lynch mob. Four of those under arrest are police officers.
The woman screams, and suddenly the man is forced to flee a lynch mob on the streets.
That was not a genuine Question Time, that was a lynch mob," he said.
goes so far as to give a public speech that deflates an angry lynch mob where "laughter drunken singing occasional preaching added to the general din." While he saves Charlie and later sees him get the fair trial he argued for the result hits him "as if he had been slammed in the stomach."
Labour is treading on very thin ice in creating the lynch mob mentality pervading the current Press to hide its own failings.
Let's make sure we've got a million-strong lynch mob waiting for the team when they touch back down in Blighty.