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tr.v. lynched, lynch·ing, lynch·es
To punish (a person) without legal process or authority, especially by hanging, for a perceived offense or as an act of bigotry.

[From lynch law.]

lynch′er n.
lynch′ing n.
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L'accaparement des ressources et des pouvoirs fait rage, le progres economique et social tire la langue, la vie politique se fait lyncher au grand jour, le traitement muscle rudoie les manifestants et les renvoie en taule, la misere et l'exclusion battent leur plein, l'extremisme et l'obscurantisme s'incrustent a grands pas dans une societe majoritairement analphabete, denuee et desoeuvree, l'image de marque du pays se ternit a mesure que les libertes sont bafouees…Tous les ingredients d'un large soulevement massif sont alors reunis pour reediter un 20 fevrier plus feroce et devastateur!
In 1996 Congress passed The Pam Lyncher Sex Offender Tracking and Identification Act of 1996 requiring the establishment of the National Sex Offender Registry to enable the FBI to track sex offenders (SMART, 2015).
According to the terms of the former, "the South explains, condones, and transmutes everything," such that "any common lyncher becomes a defender of the Southern tradition, and any rabble-rouser the gallant leader of a thin grey line of heroes" (Warren 1998, 54).
Hair--braided chestnut, coiled like a lyncher's rope, Eyes--fagots, Lips--old scars, or the first red blisters, Breath--the last sweet scent of cane, And her slim body, white as the ash of black flesh after flame.
Hair--braided chestnut coiled like a lyncher's rope ...
Scottsboro aside, he voiced his objections to the communists' preying on the very real grievances of black Americans: 'With Jesuitical zeal and cleverness', he explained, 'the American Communist agitator sought to fan this flame of discontent which the slave trader, the lyncher, the disfranchiser, the denier of decent jobs and wages and homes had lighted and kept alive through three centuries'.
By focusing on the white woman rather than a figure of obvious power and hate (such as the sheriff or a lyncher), or a figure of obvious sympathy and victimization (such as Till himself), Brooks is able to examine the insidious and infectious nature of hierarchical power and romantic desire.
Also in 1996, Congress enacted a third law, Pam Lyncher Sexual Offender Tracking and Identification Act of 1996.
Scratch the surface of any enemy of the Left, they claimed, and you would find a fascist spy, a lyncher, a storm trooper.
(113) The Pam Lyncher Act (1996), (114) named after an adult sexual assault victim, requires lifetime registration for offenders with two or more prior convictions for registration-eligible offenses and those initially convicted of specified "aggravated" sex offenses.