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Noun1.macadamia tree - any tree of the genus Macadamiamacadamia tree - any tree of the genus Macadamia  
genus Macadamia - trees or shrubs; Madagascar to Australia
Macadamia integrifolia - medium-sized tree of eastern Australia having creamy-white flowers
macadamia nut, macadamia nut tree, Macadamia ternifolia - small Australian tree with racemes of pink flowers; widely cultivated (especially in Hawaii) for its sweet edible nuts
Macadamia tetraphylla, Queensland nut - bushy tree with pink to purple flowers
nut tree - tree bearing edible nuts
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Grown in central, eastern and Coast counties of Nyeri, Embu, Kirinyaga, Meru and Taita Taveta, the tree, unlike other crops, is rarely attacked by pests and diseases, with powdery mildew being the only common challenge.The macadamia tree is fairly easy to manage, with attention required mostly during the early stages.
The crop was only introduced into South Africa in the 1960s but the country overtook the birthplace of the macadamia tree, Australia, as the world's biggest macadamia producer in 2014.
The macadamia tree seedlings are planted in a sea of lava rock, which gives the macadamias a unique reddish tint, a distinct flavor and a sweeter taste.
class="font-size--16 MsoNormalThe CS addressed farmers in Kiharu and Kangema, Murang'a County, while officiating the release of Hass avocado and macadamia tree seedlings to them.
viridis nymphs on the macadamia tree trunks, and 2,114 exuviae were collected, which represented on an average of 35.2 [+ or -] 5.31 D.
* Seven species of macadamia tree (family Proteaceae) occur in Australia.
"Each macadamia tree can produce up to 100kg per season.
Schoeman (2014) documented that movement of the pentatomid Bathycoelia natalicola (Distant) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) into macadamia orchards was confined to edges during the early season, and suggested that tall, densely planted macadamia trees were an obstacle to penetration into the orchard, although the edge effect declined later in the season.
We'd left the ground to the sound of nervous laughter and bird song, but as we hovered high above the rows of macadamia trees and seemingly never ending farmland, there was just a peaceful silence, broken only by the occasional burst of the burners keeping our hot air balloon aloft.
Macadamia trees can endure extended periods of drought as its tree leaves lose little water regardless of the temperature or rainfall.