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tr.v. ma·chic·o·lat·ed, ma·chic·o·lat·ing, ma·chic·o·lates
To provide or furnish with machicolations.

[Medieval Latin machicolāre, machicolāt-, from Old French machicoller, from machicoleis, machicolation, from Old Provençal machacol : macar, to crush (from Vulgar Latin *maccāre) + col, neck (from Latin collum; see kwel- in Indo-European roots).]
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Young as she was, I was struck, throughout our little tour, with her confidence and courage with the way, in empty chambers and dull corridors, on crooked staircases that made me pause and even on the summit of an old machicolated square tower that made me dizzy, her morning music, her disposition to tell me so many more things than she asked, rang out and led me on.
Kuma's structure of slatted (even actually 'machicolated') high technology stone cladding will weather slowly and benignly, with a natural effect.
Elaine was still too much alone in her new life to dispense with Suzie's support, but she began now to wonder how long she would need quite so many bristling turrets and machicolated battlements.