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Capable of being read by a computer: a machine-readable passport; machine-readable formats.


(of data) in a form suitable for direct acceptance and processing by computer.


[məˈʃiːnˈriːdəbl] ADJlegible por máquina
in machine-readable formen forma legible por máquina
machine-readable codecódigo m legible por máquina


[məˈʃiːnˌriːdəbl] adj (Comput) → leggibile dalla macchina
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Abu Dhabi: Indian expatriates in the UAE, who still hold handwritten passports are advised to urgently replace their handwritten passports with machine-readable passports.
Kurz manufactures the Holomagnetic foil, in which the machine-readable holographic hot-stamping foil is bonded to the ferrous oxide magnetic tape.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 24, 2014-Visualant receives US patent for Systems, Methods and Articles Related to Machine-Readable Indicia and Symbols
The Indian Embassy has asked citizens living in the Kingdom to have machine-readable passports issued as soon as possible.
Machine-readable passports (MRP) are all set to replace the current hand written ones.
During the hearing, ministry of foreign affairs submitted a report before the bench stating that equipment for machine-readable passports will be installed and respective staff will be stationed by November 2015 at all embassies and missions across the world.
Indian citizens holding handwritten passports or passports with 20-year validity beyond November 24, 2015 should apply for the re-issue of their passports and obtain machine-readable passports (MRP) from the embassy before the deadline ends, the Indian embassy said yesterday.
The British Home Department report had stated that Pakistan's machine-readable system was inefficient.
6 million Bangladeshi passports with new machine-readable passports.
AlphaFlash is designed to deliver more than 175 machine-readable economic indicators from the US, Canada and Europe at millisecond speeds.
He informed that the Saudi government has made machine-readable passports mandatory for issuance of Visas for Hajj this year.