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Characterized or motivated by machismo: "He was a mindless activist, a war lover, who found macho relish in danger and felt driven to prove manhood by confrontation" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).
n. pl. ma·chos
1. Machismo.
2. A person characterized by or exhibiting machismo.

[Spanish, male, from Latin masculus; see masculine.]

ma′cho·ism n.


n. pl. MA·CHOs
Any of various massive dark or very faint objects, including black holes, brown dwarf stars, or large planets, that may exist in galactic halos and make up at least part of the dark matter that is hypothesized to pervade the universe.

[m(assive) a(strophysical) c(ompact) h(alo) o(bject).]


the quality or characteristic of being macho; machismo
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What makes 'RAW' different is that in spite of a well-built actor like John Abraham, who has delivered action movies in recent past, the film doesn't involve in machoism or fake heroism.
Summary: It signifies machoism or valour, something that our hero Abhinandan has shown the world
However, charisma does not imply machoism, but refers to diversity.
The cultural resistance theme consists of elements related to patriarchy, machoism, established coping strategies, and the rationalization that health care is not needed.
Like many he was stoic in his 'machoism'; he didn't talk about it.
Having relationships with more than one girl, thus, becomes a symbol of machoism - although it is still frowned upon but what should be noticed here is that this kind of behaviour is still accepted in many factions; hence the famous aphorism "boys will be boys".
support female entrepreneurs struggling with machoism, this was a strong