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 (mäKH′zôr′, -zər, mäKH-zôr′)
Variant of mahzor.
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(maxˈzɔr; English mɑːkˈzɔː) or


n, pl -zorim (-zɔˈriːm; English -zəˈriːm)
(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) a Jewish prayer book containing prescribed holiday rituals
[literally: cycle]
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Their work was in the tradition of customs collections from France and Germany that date back to the eleventh century, some of which predate the Machzor Vitry, one of the main sources for daily and holiday liturgies and life cycle customs.
Teshuvot Rashi, a book of his and his colleague's responsa, notes that "When [women] want to do these mitzvot, they cannot do them without the blessing." But in apparent contradiction to what he says in Machzor Vitry, in his responsa Rashi tells women to make a blessing when they put on tzitzit.
Machzor Vitry does list the "samekh" in "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" as a large letter, based on a tradition that the Torah contains a large version of each letter of the alphabet, and the Prophets and Writings together have each letter of the alphabet large as well.
There is something wrong when our creative people get published elsewhere because we do not want more than one haggadah, machzor, or siddur.
But there are also plenty of prayers associated with Rosh Hashanah, all contained in a prayer book for the high holidays 6 also including Yom Kippur 6 called the Machzor.
Scherman, The Complete Artscroll Machzor for Rosh Ha-Shanah (Brooklyn: Mesorah Publications, 1985), pp.
The Yom Kippur Children's Machzor (Gefen, 2006) includes photographs of clay sculptures "that reflect passages from the prayer" made on the occasion of her bat mitzvah by a 14-year-old Israeli girl.
In Hebrew "machzor" is the Jewish prayer for rituals and holidays.
The Passover Haggadah was considerably shorter then, there were fewer festival Piyutim (liturgical poems) in the Machzor, and the Selichot services and Kinot for Tisha B'Av were not yet formulated as we know them.
They also attend the prayer service where machzor -  their prayer book for festivals - is used to read specific prayers.
Maissner, arranged by Howard Gamble (Toronto: Holy Blossom Temple, 1976), Machzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, ed.
He has written some 20 books, the most recent being Genesis in Poetry, as well as The Siddur in Poetry and The Machzor in Poetry, both published in 2012 (see