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Noun1.maconnais - fine Burgundy wine usually white and drymaconnais - fine Burgundy wine usually white and dry
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)
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Chardonnay originated in the Burgundy region of France, and takes its name from a small town in the Maconnais, an area in southern Burgundy that makes relatively inexpensive, high-value chardonnays.
This is more like Maconnais in style, being further south than classic Burgundy.
Exceptional white Burgundy sometimes comes at an exceptional cost but there are appellations that represent great value and none more so than the Maconnais to the south of Burgundy.
From cool, mineral Chablis to the rich Cote d'Or then the Maconnais who would be closest in style to the New World, there a re many palates (and wallets ) catered for.
They loved wine, so rather than simply travel for a year, they went to France to study winemaking under Eric Texier, a respected winemaker in the Rhone Valley and Maconnais regions who was committed to "natural" viticulture and winemaking.
Le Maconnais est tres loin derriere dans tous les domaines.
Box, with some regions like the famed Cote de Nuit's Vosne-Romanee capturing a lot of high end excitement, but there are some delicious wines from the Maconnais that present rather incredible value.
Excellent example of what the Maconnais offers for value.
Pero me temo que es una deriva peligrosa porque lo mas importante en la obra de un historiador son sus libros: si no hubiera leido en mi juventud Les intellectuels au Moyen Age de Jacques Le Goff y Le Maconnais de Georges Duby, sin duda no habria llegado a ser medievalista ...
One-fifth the size of Bordeaux and located in central, eastern France, the Bourgogne villages run north to south and the four main white wine growing areas are Chablis, Cote-d'Or, Cote Chalonnaise and Maconnais. And while it's difficult to generalise on pricing, Chablis and the Cote-d'Or (the heart of Burgundy) signal designer price tags.