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1. A cyclic macromolecule.
2. A molecule or portion of a molecule in which atoms, usually ten or more, are connected in a ring.

mac′ro·cyc′lic (-sĭk′lĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) a substance with many atoms in a ring-shaped structure; a cyclic macromolecule
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Under the agreement, Santhera obtains the worldwide, exclusive rights to develop and commercialize POL6014, an innovative macrocycle elastase inhibitor, and analogs for an initial payment of CHF 6.
US-based macrocycle therapeutics developer Circle Pharma, Inc.
7 nonlinee macrocycle paramagnetic conventiongadoteridolum task no.
1994) A model for the integration of macrocycle and microcycle structure in professional rugby league.
Building the experimental macrocycle to train motocross racers, including the period to take nutritional biocorrectors, provided for some growth of training load.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine whether the RPE method is as a good indicator of internal load as the HR methods (TRIMPs) during a macrocycle of 31 wks.
For the latter case, the distance between the metal and the plane defined by the macrocycle nitrogens is ~double compared to what is computed for a model where the Cu(II) was replaced with Fe(III) or Fe(II) (0.
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It provides testing platform technologies that include MPC biosensor, particle immunofiltration assay, rapid enzymatic assay, minDNA, and synthetic macrocycle complex.
The study took place over the last 6 weeks of the autumn-winter macrocycle.
The collaboration is aimed at developing lead orally-bioavailable macrocycle drug to target integrin a4b7, which is involved in the inflammatory process in a number of diseases, most notably for inflammatory bowel disease.
Novel oligosquaramide-based macrocycle (101) as an anticancer agent was prepared and exhibited significant anti- proliferative activity against the NCI-60 human tumour cell line panel, with [IC.