macrocytic anaemia

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Noun1.macrocytic anaemia - anemia in which the average size of erythrocytes is larger than normalmacrocytic anaemia - anemia in which the average size of erythrocytes is larger than normal
anemia, anaemia - a deficiency of red blood cells
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Microcytic, normocytic and macrocytic anaemia were found in 32.
12 patients had microcytic hypochromic anaemia, 3 had macrocytic anaemia and 17 had normocytic normochromic anaemia.
Microcytic hypochromic anaemia was found in 37% while 14% had macrocytic anaemia.
No women of child-bearing age (n = 232) were found to have inadequate or low folate stores that would be associated with macrocytic anaemia.
Intractable epilepsy as the presentation of vitamin B12 deficiency in the absence of macrocytic anaemia.
Looking at this discrepant data the current research was aimed to determine the prevalence of PA in patients with macrocytic anaemia (high mean corpuscular volume [MCV]) and in patients with low serum B12 visiting the King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH) in Riyadh.
Signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency appear between the age of 4 and 12 months and include macrocytic anaemia, weakness, fatigue, failure to thrive, and irritability.
The mean HbA1c level and proposed reference ranges for the five anaemia subgroups (anaemia of chronic disease [ACD], iron deficiency anaemia [IDA], mixed anaemia, macrocytic anaemia and sickle-cell disease) are shown in table 2.
If not, they are at risk of developing common symptoms of folate deficiency including diarrhoea, confusion, forgetfulness, irritability, or other cognitive declines, depression, sore or swollen tongue, peptic or mouth ulcers, headaches, palpitations, behavioural disorders, macrocytic anaemia with weakness or shortness of breath, and nerve damage with weakness and limb numbness, studies have shown.
Since late 2007, the patient had developed mild macrocytic anaemia with a borderline low platelet count.
One also has to bear in mind that the vitamin B12 levels can be low independent of Macrocytic anaemia.
Conversely, a raised MCV should alert one to the possibility of macrocytic anaemia, and vitamin B12 and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels should be assessed.