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n. pl. mac·ro·cy·to·ses (-sēz)
The presence of macrocytes in the blood.

mac′ro·cy·tot′ic (-tŏt′ĭk) adj.
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(Pathology) pathol the presence in the blood of macrocytes
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Noun1.macrocytosis - the presence of macrocytes in the bloodmacrocytosis - the presence of macrocytes in the blood
pathology - any deviation from a healthy or normal condition
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Macrocytosis (red blood cells that are larger than normal) is often seen with DBA.
In some cases, cytopenias or macrocytosis may be seen shortly before hematologic disease.
One patient had macrocytosis, three patients had overt hypochromic microcytic indices, five had borderline hypochromia and microcytosis while the remaining one had normocytic normochromic indices.
Microcytosis was observed in 28/130 (22%) and macrocytosis in 3/130 (2%) of the patients.
Neuropsychiatric disorders caused by cobalamin deficiency in the absence of anaemia or macrocytosis. N Engl J Med.
The finding of macrocytosis is fairly common in primary care, estimated to be found in 3% of complete blood count results.
Thrombocytopenia, macrocytosis (raised mean corpuscular volume) and a raised fetal haemoglobin (Hb) usually precede the onset of more severe haematological anomalies.
Peripheral smear revealed a widespread schistocytes, dacrocytes, spherocytes, normoblasts and macrocytosis. Number of reticulocyte was 29%, and vitamin B12, folic acid and ferritin levels were normal.
Folic acid deficiency anemia is defined as folic acid levels lower than 3 ng/mL together with macrocytosis in a peripheral blood smear.
Azathioprine can cause macrocytosis and megaloblastic changes in bone marrow, which in turn can lead to ineffective erythropoiesis and pancytopenia [90-92].
In addition, selenium deficiency can cause muscle weakness, skeletal myopathy, cardiomyopathy, and red blood cell macrocytosis [13].