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n. pl. macrofauna or ma·cro·fau·nas
Macroscopic animals of soil or benthic sediments that are greater than about 1 or 2 millimeters in size, such as earthworms or polychaetes.

mac′ro·fau′nal adj.


(Biology) any animals visible to the naked eye
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Contract notice: monitoring of the benthic macrofauna 2018-2020
The open-access study, titled "Methane fluxes from coastal sediments are enhanced by macrofauna," appeared online Friday in the journal Scientific Reports.
Species richness of sandy beach intertidal macrofauna is mainly controlled by the physical environment on the large scale and the environmental factors playing major roles are sand, tides, waves, beach face slope, and latitude [26].
Fellow Emily Webster, a graduate student in horticulture and agronomy at UC Davis, worked with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Colombia and Nicaragua to compare the dynamics of soil macrofauna in silvopastoral systems with those in traditional pasture systems and quantify impacts on ecosystem services.
Comunmente se ha considerado que la caracteristica mas notoria de los invertebrados bentonicos (meiofauna, macrofauna y megafauna) de zonas profundas es la pequena talla exhibida por la mayoria de especies, en comparacion con su contraparte de aguas someras (Gage & Tyler, 1991; Warwick & Clarke, 1996; Rex et al.
This study examines the effects of four substrate materials (oyster shell, clam shell, limestone, and clay brick) on community demographics for the Kumamoto oyster (Crassostrea sikamea) and associated macrofauna over a 3-y period in Xiangshan Bay, China.
Recovery of soil macrofauna communities after forest clearance in Eastern Amazonia, Brazil.
Nuevo instrumento adosado a redes de arrastre de fondo para muestrear macrofauna bentonica y sedimentos: comparacion con la draga Van Veen
To survey the meso and macrofauna epiedaphic diversity, nine capture traps were installed in each area, according to the PROVID method (ANTONIOLLI et al.
Si bien la macrofauna es un factor biologico subestimado al momento de evaluar los impactos de la explotacion minera, investigaciones realizadas han establecido que la macrofauna edafica es un excelente indicador de la calidad de los suelos (Rendon et al.