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n. macrognatia, mandíbula demasiado grande.
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Human jaw has different morphologies, such as vertical (micro or macrognathia), sagittal (retrognathia or prognathism), and transverse (symmetrical or asymmetric) planes (3-6).
We recorded the paitents' preoperative demographic and airway variables, including age, sex, weight and height; sternomental, thyromental and interincisor distances; Mallampati classification with phonation; mandibular protrusion (type A, lower incisors protrude anterior to the upper incisors; type B, lower incisors can be brought edge to edge with the upper incisors and type C, lower incisors cannot be brought edge to edge with the upper incisors); tooth morphology (full/lacking/none); macrognathia or micrognathia.
The morphological observations of fetuses showed anomalies like open eye lid, distorted body axis, kyphosis, skin hemorrhage, drooping wrist, microphthalmia, low set arm, kinky tail, exencephaly anophthalmia, maxillary macrognathia, microcephaly, clubbed foot and microtia.