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Leg and GT morphology was studied with macrograph and micrograph images obtained using T-10 (Sony Cybershot) and FMA050 (AmScope Co) digital cameras, respectively, both for legs and GT morphology.
Macrograph of fissure and pinning observed on the fracture surface of a cyclically loaded girth weld specimen (left), and an X-ray tomographic image showing the depth of the fissure reached 826 [micro]m.
The typical macrograph of the as-welded weldments as shown in the Figure 7 clearly represents the different zones of the weldments including weld metal, PMZ, HAZ and base metal.
The macrograph of the laser joined stainless steel and CFRTP is shown in Figure 3.
Caption: Figure 3: Macrograph of the PT-GMAW joint with 5 layers.
Caption: Figure 1: Macrograph of (a) the investigated volcanic scoria and (b) the EDX analysis.
To examine the tool wear of the punch visually, a 20X macrograph was taken from the worn edge on each punch after the experiments.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Characterization and rheological property evaluation for the films, (a) film-forming solution macrograph, (b) sheer stress versus shear rate, and (c) viscosity versus shear rate.
Caption: FIGURE 4: Pathological downgrading macrographs and micrograph of case 3 from severe dysplasia to mild dysplasia: (a) severe dysplasia macrograph under white light in September 2010; (b) severe dysplasia macrograph under Lugol's iodine staining in September 2010; (c) severe dysplasia micrograph in September 2010; (d) mild dysplasia macrograph under white light in May 2013; (e) mild dysplasia macrograph under Lugol's iodine staining in May 2013; (f) mild dysplasia micrograph in May 2013.
(c) Optical macrograph of NiFe/BP/NiFe spin valve device.
The summit gathered Microsoft, META, Virtually Live, Macrograph, and other global top VR/AR technology content application corporations; CEIBS, Stanford University, Columbia University, Shanghai Theater Academy, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University of Science and Technology and other well-known research institutions and practitioners; China Mobile Migu Video, CNR (China National Radio) Mobile, and other Asian leading content operators and distributors; as well as more than one hundred investment and financing institutions such as Loyal Valley Innovation Capital, Kuan Capital, Richen Capital and many outstanding entrepreneurs in sports, tourism, education, agriculture, construction, medical, home, media, and many other industries.