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 (măk′rō-no͞o′klē-əs, -nyo͞o′-)
n. pl. mac·ro·nu·cle·i (-klē-ī′)
The larger of two nuclei present in ciliate protozoans, which controls nonreproductive functions of the cell, such as metabolism.

mac′ro·nu′cle·ar adj.
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n, pl -clei (-klɪˌaɪ)
(Microbiology) the larger of the two nuclei in ciliated protozoans. Compare micronucleus
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(ˌmæk roʊˈnu kli əs, -ˈnyu-)

the larger of the two types of nuclei in ciliate protozoans, functioning in cell metabolism. Compare micronucleus.
mac`ro•nu′cle•ar, adj.
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A histopathological examination of the endoscopic biopsies revealed infiltration of neoplastic cells with eosinophilic macronuclei and pleomorphic islands.
A urelia il DNA sequence in Paramecium macronuclei is related to the [beta] subunit of G proteins.
One thousand binucleated (BN) cells with two macronuclei surrounded by cytoplasm were scored from each patient and control subject.
Atypical cells with pleomorphic macronuclei containing dense chromatin forming an irregular glandular structure were identified towards the lumen in the superficial layer (Figure 4(a), red square, and Figure 4(d)).