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Having long or large wings. Used of insects.

[From Greek makropteros : makro-, macro- + -pteros, winged (from pteron, wing; see -pter).]
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(Zoology) (of certain animals, esp some types of ant) having large wings
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First description of macropterous male and female of Cryphocricos latus (Heteroptera: Naucoridae) Usinger.
Dispersal by flight cannot be ruled out since some individuals can be macropterous. Notably, one female collected at Buffalo National River, Arkansas, was macropterous.
We also classified all carabid beetles as either macropterous (with fully developed hindwings), brachypterous (with very short or rudimentary hindwings), or apterous (with no hindwings) based on Jelaska and Durbesic [45].
-- Wings (brachypterous or 2 macropterous) or wing buds present 1'.
Zera et al., 1983; Zera and Denno, 1997; Zera and Zhao, 2003; Zera, 2005; Poniatowski and Fartmann, 2009), which can promote the colonization of new habitats and areas by macropterous individuals (Ingrisch and Kohler, 1998; Simmons and Thomas, 2004).
The following abbreviations are used: apterous (apt) and macropterous (macr).
Material Examined: REUNION: 1 macropterous male, 1 macropterous female, 1 submacropterous female, Entre-Deux, in quiet reaches of a small tributary stream to the Sassa River, 350 m, 21[degrees]14'S, 55[degrees]29'E, 26 November 2013, in the quiet areas of a small brook, D.
All of our specimens have macropterous hindwings; however, if a different wing morph is discovered, the posterolateral corners of the pronotum probably will be of a different shape.