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Having long or large wings. Used of insects.

[From Greek makropteros : makro-, macro- + -pteros, winged (from pteron, wing; see -pter).]


(Zoology) (of certain animals, esp some types of ant) having large wings
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Eyes small in macropterous and brachypterous, never surpassing dorsal or ventral margin of head in lateral view; beginning of postero-ventral series of fore femur distant from the base of the segment; hemelytron with only discal cell or accompanied by a much reduce subbasal cell; hind wings, M shifted to touch Cu directly for a short distance so as to eliminate the m-cu cross vein (Fig.
Same as the macropterous female, but with neotenic characters as follows: Forewings scale-like, with dense field of microspines throughout the surface, with no trace of venation (Fig.
1983; Zera and Denno, 1997; Zera and Zhao, 2003; Zera, 2005; Poniatowski and Fartmann, 2009), which can promote the colonization of new habitats and areas by macropterous individuals (Ingrisch and Kohler, 1998; Simmons and Thomas, 2004).
The following abbreviations are used: apterous (apt) and macropterous (macr).
Material Examined: REUNION: 1 macropterous male, 1 macropterous female, 1 submacropterous female, Entre-Deux, in quiet reaches of a small tributary stream to the Sassa River, 350 m, 21[degrees]14'S, 55[degrees]29'E, 26 November 2013, in the quiet areas of a small brook, D.
All of our specimens have macropterous hindwings; however, if a different wing morph is discovered, the posterolateral corners of the pronotum probably will be of a different shape.
One species is dimorphic in wing length, with both macropterous and brachypterous forms; but additional variation in other aspects of the morphology of this species generates questions regarding its specific parameters.
The team correctly spelled slumgullion (a meat stew), macropterous (having long wings or fins) and violaceous (bluish-purple) without missing a beat to win the sixth annual Boys & Girls Club Adult Spelling Bee at the college's Weston Auditorium last night
Hemelytron: macropterous, elongate, exochorium narrow and elongate, extending to sixth abdominal segment; membrane translucent, finely spotted.