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the large-scale structure or extent of something, which comprises all smaller structures or everything within that thing


(ˈmæk roʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

an overall structure or organizational scheme.
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In order to get some proofs for instrumental measurement some visual observation was also obtained from the macrostructure containing test tubes (data not shown).
According to Van Dijk, macrostructure makes explicit the overall topics or themes of a text and at the same time define "the overall coherence of a text as well as its upshot or gist" (Van Dijk 1988, 13).
Sleep macrostructure was markedly different between pre-treatment conditions," the researchers wrote in their study, from how quickly it took the dogs to go to sleep to how much time they spent in different stages of sleep.
Macrostructure studies is useful for identify the presence of macro level defects in all zones.
Labov's (1972) model for the analysis of narrative macrostructure of stories relating personal experiences has been suggested as a possible universal measure of narrativity and has been applied to a variety of narratives.
The research objective was to evaluate the chemical composition and macrostructure of hair concentrate produced from waste of skin crackers industry in various production processes.
These sites give rise to a metal conductor macrostructure inhomogeneous temperature fields, periodically changing along its length or radius.
Thus, the elaboration of this representation model is distributed into structural levels starting by the identification and relationship of propositions among them, which is the microstructure of the text, following by the identification of the overall idea of the text, giving it a global coherence, forming the textual macrostructure and the superstructure (different ways to arrange the text).
Quotation are invited for Uncemented Total Hip Replacement:Fully Hydroxyapatite coated 155 microns proximal horizontal distal macrostructure stem, with 12/14 articuleze mini taper neck shaft angle 135 degree, Stem length 115-165 mm and offset 38-43 mm, Stem mattalurgy - T16A14V (Forged Titanium Aluminium vanadium alloy), Cup with sub hemisphere shape 165 degree metallurgy- T16A14V with porous coating 250 microns with coating thickness 0.
Tokyay and Akcaoglu reported that the irregular shape of coarse aggregates may lead to stress concentration in composite material, consequently causing the initiation and propagation of microcracking, which will finally change the macrostructure and microstructure of materials and lead to the degradation of the mixture's overall strength [2].