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the large-scale structure or extent of something, which comprises all smaller structures or everything within that thing
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(ˈmæk roʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

an overall structure or organizational scheme.
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The research team then measured several aspects of an infant's brain development and injury, including microstructural organization, macrostructure and functional connectivity. During the analysis, the scientists were able to find regional differences in functional connectivity and microstructure, though they were unable to observe any difference in brain macrostructure.
The team measured several aspects of brain development and injury, including infant brain macrostructure, microstructural organisation, and functional connectivity.
The macrostructure of the specimen presented in Figure 3a shows the weld nugget boundary and HAZ clearly.
Session four on Elastomer Production Technologies will include the following presentions: "Versalis new highly versatile catalyst system and EPDM improvements," Patrizia Piancastelli, Versalis; "Effect of process oil and polymer macrostructure on the processability of tilled e-SBR compound: Characterization of linear and nonlinear viscoelastic behavior of raw rubbers and compounds," Michele Scacchi, Alpha Technologies; and "Carbonx: A revolutionary new carbon; unlocking new design opportunities in elastomers," Laure Hannebicque, CarbonX.
The socioenvironmental context, which results from the interaction between the socioeconomic, political and institutional macrostructure and the particular characteristics and functions of ecosystems, contributes to the vulnerability of the environment and to the risks to human health (4).
Single Buyer, formerly a department in TNB, was placed in the macrostructure of generation, transmission and distribution ( and retail).
When his technique is applied to corneal tissue, the crosslinking alters the collagen properties in the treated regions, and this ultimately results in changes in the overall macrostructure of the cornea.
Nous definissons d'abord les concepts de macrostructure et de schema recurrent comme etant des elements de revelation du contenu d'un texte.
Half of each ingot was metallographically polished and etched to observe macrostructure using an OLYMPUS-BX51M optical microscope.
where [N.sub.p] is the bacteria concentration, l is the scattering path length, and [Q.sub.1sca] and [Q.sub.2sca] are the scattering coefficients of the macrostructure and internal structure of bacteria, respectively.
Analysis of Sleep Macrostructure. Sleep was manually scored in 30-s epochs according to the criteria of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) [18].
Numerical homogenization is used for calculating the variables defining the status and parameters of the microstructure in such a way that by using these variables it can be modelled macrostructure materials in such a way as if it was made of homogeneous material, a phenomenon occurring in the microstructure which affect the macrostructure are represented by the calculated variables (Kouznetsova [20], Zohdi [21]).