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the large-scale structure or extent of something, which comprises all smaller structures or everything within that thing
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(ˈmæk roʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

an overall structure or organizational scheme.
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Reef Topography describes machined macrostructures and undercut features that are designed to act as an integrated fusion scaffolding that enhance the Company's proprietary NanoMetalene surface technology.
Among the topics are a computational model for byproducts of wastewater treatment, the numerical modeling and visualization of traffic of dispersion particles in the apparatus, metal control on structure and function of Ni(Fe) dioxygenases included in the methionine salvage pathway: the role of Tyr-fragment and macrostructures in the mechanism of catalysis on model systems, the control of fluidic jet repulsion in the electrospinning process, and modifying urea-formaldehyde resin with collagen biopolymers.
Pour identifier les caracteristiques generales d'un grand corpus de presse, nous postulons d'abord l'existence, dans n'importe quel corpus, de macrostructures qui soutiennent les textes.
(1) Macrostructures show that both ingots are composed of columnar zone and dendritic zone, and the primary dendrite arm spacings are 353 [micro]m for the 30 [micro]m/s withdrawn ingot and 144 [micro]m for the 200 [micro]m/s withdrawn ingot, respectively.
Primary crystals suffer some oriented agglomeration forming star-like macrostructures (Figure 2).
The analysis focused mostly on the three elements-Grammatical analysis, Macrostructures, and Rhetorical Structures.
Type A: The RE is located lingually to the distal root complex which has two cone-shaped macrostructures.
This makes it possible to improve both micro and macrostructures on internal and external surfaces in a single process.
By using optical microscopy, macrostructures of the friction stir processed samples were analyzed.
The work provides a much-needed corrective to the critical emphasis on the macrostructures of the neoliberal
These three macrostructures were chosen as a starting point to avoid the assumption that all students would be familiar with them.
(6) This system takes form and shape through the interaction of macrostructures, containing the world market's political economy, international relations as well as immigration and migrant law and practices as issued by the sending/receiving countries, with the microstructures covering the informal social networks which the migrants themselves have developed in an effort to cope with migration and settlement issues.