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tr.v. mac·u·lat·ed, mac·u·lat·ing, mac·u·lates
To spot, blemish, or pollute.
adj. (-lĭt)
1. Spotted, blotched, or stained.
2. Morally sullied or impure.

[Middle English maculaten, from Latin maculāre, maculāt-, from macula, spot.]
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The posters, maculated with filth, garnished like tapestry the sweep of the curbstone.
In the bachue species group, which contains most of the species, the first antennal flagellomere is distinctly longer than the second flagellomere, the clypeus is maculated with yellow or cream, the fifth sternum bears stout spines midapically, and the seventh tergum is medially emarginate on its distal margin.
The 'Movimento Passe Livre' (MPL) (Free Pass Movement) which led the first protests in the city of Sao Paulo was maculated, the demonstrators being deliberately categorized as vandals and the demonstrations being delegitimized.