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mac·ule 1

n. & v.
Variant of mackle.

mac·ule 2

A discolored spot or area on the skin that is not elevated above the surface and is characteristic of certain conditions, such as smallpox, purpura, or roseola. Also called macula.
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1. (Anatomy) anatomy another name for macula
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing another name for mackle1
[C15: from Latin macula spot]
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(ˈmæk yə lə)

n., pl. -lae (-ˌli) -las.
1. a spot, esp. on the skin.
a. an opaque spot on the cornea.
b. Also called yellow spot. an irregularly oval, yellow-pigmented area on the central retina containing color-sensitive rods and the central point of sharpest vision.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: spot, blemish]
mac′u•lar, adj.
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Noun1.macule - a patch of skin that is discolored but not usually elevated; caused by various diseases
maculation, patch, speckle, dapple, fleck, spot - a small contrasting part of something; "a bald spot"; "a leopard's spots"; "a patch of clouds"; "patches of thin ice"; "a fleck of red"
cutis, skin, tegument - a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch; "your skin is the largest organ of your body"
freckle, lentigo - a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin
liver spot - a type of skin disease that causes brown spots on the skin
plague spot - a spot on the skin characteristic of the plague
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On conviendra alors sans aucun souci de se faire contredire que tout au long de son parcours, le football africain fut, en fait, macule de violence et d'injustice.
Face a la ferocite des policiers francais et la haine des ultras de l'Algerie francaise, des centaines d'entre eux tomberont en martyrs, dont beaucoup d'enfants, et des centaines d'autres ont macule de leur sang les paves d'Alger.
Any change in skin pigmentation is called a macule. Macules can be erythematosus (originated by blood vessels dilation or formation of new vessels), pigmentosae (which can be hyperpigmented, hypopigmented, or achromatic), or artificial, among others.
Diagnostic Criteria for Tuberous Sclerosis (2012) Major Criteria Minor Criteria Cortical tubers Non-renal hamartoma Subependymal nodules Confetti-like skin lesions Hypomelanocytic macule Multiple renal cysts (at least 3 or more and larger than 5 mm) Shagreen patch Hypopigmented patch in the retina Angiofibroma in the face (more than three) Ungal and periungal fibromas Retinal hamartomas Rhabdomyoma in the heart Lymphangiomatosis in the lung Angiomyolipoma in the kidney (more than two) Definite diagnosis: 2 major or 1 major + >2 minor criteria Possible diagnosis: 1 major or >2 minor criteria Table 2.
Barilli noted a 5 millimeter variegated macule with irregular borders on Susan's right deltoid and a 1 centimeter brown hazy macule with surrounding erythema.
The labial melanotic macule occurs in the lips, more commonly in the lower lip.
Ventral forewing duller than dorsum, distinctly brown caudad of [CuA.sub.2]; white macules of dorsum repeated with additional narrow white macules in [R.sub.1]-[R.sub.2] extending just distad of distal end of macule in discal cell and in Sc-[R.sub.1], from mid-macule in [R.sub.1]-[R.sub.2] to well distad of distal end of that macule roughly aligned with white macule in discal cell; pale blue macule at base of costa; postbasal band faint, most prominent in discal cell; thin line of pale blue scales at distal end of discal cell; submarginal pale blue macules somewhat more prominent than on dorsum, that in [CuA.sub.2]-2A doubled; pale blue macule in anal cell as on dorsum.
Where as Claroxan[TM] works from the inside out (selectively concentrating ingredients in the retina and macule of the eye), Optimis7 works on the surface of the eye to provide instant effects.
In cases of necrosis, patients typically develop a blister that becomes a dark-bluish macule; the macule then sinks below the level of the surrounding skin.