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(of cigars) dark and strong
n, pl -ros
a cigar of this type
[Spanish, literally: ripe, from Latin mātūrus ripe, mature]


(məˈdʊər oʊ)

(of a cigar) strong and darkly colored.
[1885–90; < Sp < Latin mātūrus ripe]
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Maduro stays his course via PetroAmerica, his mentor's geo-political tool for regional Latin American union on which he had worked hard.
LATE last month, President Nicol'e1s Maduro of Venezuela said that in the event of a defeat for his party in December's legislative election, he would"not hand over the revolution.
However, a US official said in Washington that a senior US official had contacted the Venezuelan government on Wednesday to inform it of the arrests and to convey that this was an independent move by US law enforcement rather than a politicized effort to attack Maduro.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at a meeting with Qatar's Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani said, "We are signing eight agreements to continue developing our relations in energy, economy, trade, finance and transport between cities such as Doha and Caracas .
CARACAS (CyHAN)- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday criticized recent statements made by the U.
The students, however, have been a vanguard for public outrage at what they see as grim prospects for Venezuelans that they attribute to economic mismanagement under Maduro and Chavez.
Government supporters interviewed by Reuters were disdainful of the demonstrators, but were also frank in their criticism of Maduro for failing to right the economy or forge his own path out of his mentor's shadow.
Protests against President Maduro have continued despite the celebration of the first anniversary of Hugo Chavez's death.
Caracas: President Nicolas Maduro has agreed to meet with a Venezuelan opposition delegation on Tuesday, after a fresh push from top diplomats from across South America.
we have to remember the struggle of the Syrian people and their steadfastness against terrorists and their patrons," President Maduro said, also saluting President Bashar al-Assad in his speech.
I sent an ambassador but they still have not given him consent after a year and a half," said Maduro, referring to Venezuela's business attache and top diplomat in Washington, Maximilien Sanchez.
We've signed [an agreement for] an open credit line for $500 million that will begin to function immediately," Maduro said during a televised address following a meeting with an Iranian delegation.