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 (mä′ĕs-tō′sō, -zō)
adv. & adj. Music
In a majestic and stately manner. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, from maestà, majesty, greatness, from Latin māiestās; see meg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(maɪˈstəʊsəʊ) music
adj, adv
(Classical Music) to be performed majestically
n, pl -sos
(Classical Music) a piece or passage directed to be played in this way
[C18: Italian: majestic, from Latin māiestās majesty]
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(maɪˈstoʊ soʊ)

adj., adv.
with majesty; stately (used as a musical direction).
[1715–25; < Italian: stately, majestic]
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In the bleakly tragic K.310 it's Donohoe who registers the maestoso marking more clearly, while Uchida, more expansive, plunges even deeper into the andante's melancholy.
/ The old annihilated, in complete devastation"--is marked "Maestoso" and evokes the spirit of a military march.
25" (allegro maestoso) inspired the music of French National Anthem "La Marseillaise" that is in turn among the roots of our own "Lupang Hinirang." The others, according to its composer Julian Felipe, are the "Grand March" of Verdi's Aida and Spain's "Marcha Real.
Allegro maestoso ma appassionato; Jane Lin, performing Concerto No.
made a coherent whole out of its pattern of abrupt contrasts, crowned by a stunningly accented 'maestoso' episode." Chen has been a composer-in-residence for the Ucross Foundation, Concerts on the Slope, Ensemble 212, the Colorado College Summer Music Festival and the Music at Angel Fire.
Dariescu's performance will also be fondly recalled, not least for a commanding interpretation of the Andante maestoso (Pas de Deux) as part of Mikhail Pletnev's arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.
This Price collection features audience-pleasing settings of spirituals, including the Maestoso moderato arrangement of "Go Down, Moses" and the haunting "I'm Goin' to Lay Down My Heavy Load." The centerpiece certainly must be the mighty "My Soul's Been Anchored in de Lord," as sung by Marion Anderson.
Negli ultimi passaggi di questa "prefigurazione poetica e immaginifica di una societa futura" (Serventi Longhi, 2011: 161), musica e parola convergono quindi in un unico intento spirituale e demiurgico: ne e concreta manifestazione artistica La canzone del Carnaro, la cui indicazione di Luigi Daliapiccola Maestoso, con giubilo (Earle, 2013: 60-61) ben rende lo spirito "attivo" che innerva gli ottonari dannunziani:
In the substantial opening maestoso, there was a lovely contrast between the fierce and punchy sections and lighter lyrical passages, while there was an adagio of great subtlety, and a very enjoyable forceful final rondo.
A volonta mutare velocemente il ritmo interno: ora torrente feroce, ora un largo fiume--calmo e maestoso.
2 in F Minor has three movements, with the piano dominating all but the first three or so minutes of the robust first movements, Maestoso. The second movement, Larghetto, reportedly was composed as a love letter to a woman he admired, and the third, Allegro Vivace, evokes the Polish folk music of Chopin's native land.