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Relating to or containing a group of dark-colored silicate minerals, composed chiefly of magnesium and iron, that occur in igneous rocks, including hornblende, pyroxene, olivine, and biotite.

[ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum), iron + -ic.]


(Geological Science) a collective term for minerals present in igneous rock
(Geological Science) relating to igneous rocks or silicate minerals


(ˈmæf ɪk)

of or pertaining to rocks rich in dark, ferromagnesian minerals.
[1910–15; ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum) iron + -ic]
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In the southeastern part, the granite is invaded by parallel sheets and swarms of many mafic dykes, and rhyolite sheets.
The Mealy Project reportedly covers 261 square-kilometres of the Mealy Lake mafic intrusion and is contiguous to Altius Minerals Corp.
Rare earth elements in ultramafic and mafic rocks and their minerals; minor and accessory minerals.
At the center of it all is Kris Holland, founder of Mafic Studios, whose status as his company's sole employee is increasingly jeopardized as business picks up.
In order to assess the possibility that Hg contamination might be, at least in part, from the underlying bedrock, we present Hg analyses of biotite-rich granitoid, muscovite-rich granitoid, and mafic rocks from the area in order to complement previous regional studies.
The coincidence of the trend with mafic volcanics following the topographic height of land suggests a nearby bedrock source.
These ophiolites are overlain unconformably byNisai Formation (Eocene); the sedimentary facies hosting mafic intrusions.
Gold mineralization primarily occurs within multiple quartz carbonate brecciated zones within bleached units of variolitic mafic volcanics and other parallel footwall zones.
At a modest cost, and over a 5 to 10 year life-span, it would aim at providing the most comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge base of the complete record of mafic magmatism in and around Canada, and through stimulating international cooperation, around the world.
The Siluro-Devonian Fogo Island Batholith is a high-level, bimodal, sill-like unit about 7 km thick, intruded by a slightly younger, heterogeneous mafic unit.
The primary target is PGM mineralization hosted by altered mafic volcanic and mafic intrusive rocks, and chemical sediments.