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Relating to or containing a group of dark-colored silicate minerals, composed chiefly of magnesium and iron, that occur in igneous rocks, including hornblende, pyroxene, olivine, and biotite.

[ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum), iron + -ic.]
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(Geological Science) a collective term for minerals present in igneous rock
(Geological Science) relating to igneous rocks or silicate minerals
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(ˈmæf ɪk)

of or pertaining to rocks rich in dark, ferromagnesian minerals.
[1910–15; ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum) iron + -ic]
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the 1833 Ma post-orogenic Taadikvere massif, and some of the felsic rapakivi and related mafic rock intrusions: Marjamaa, Naissaare, Neeme, Abja and Sigula, which belong to the 1620-1650 Ma Wiborg rapakivi subprovince (Laitakari et al.
Progressive deformation and infiltration caused brecciation, with an albititic groundmass infiltrating angular clasts of greenish-grey, retrograded mafic rock, and progressively developing a foliation fabric.
The company president and chief executive officer, Mike Muzylowski, said, 'These sulphides, hosted in mafic rock on folded structures north of the Fox River Sill, are compelling.
The new results, 3 metres @ 6.86g/t Au from 61 metres,, 5 metres @ 6.51g/t Au from 82 metres, 7 metres @ 2.46g/t Au from 55 metres and the previously reported intercept 8 metres at 4.33g/t Au from 66 metres are hosted in a brecciated mafic rock unit, indicating a strongly mineralised primary gold system at depth.
Similar and probably co-magmatic mafic rock types also occur throughout the Baring Granite unit, as well as in the Meddybemps Granite to the south.
High-iron mafic rocks, mostly in the form of fractionated dolerite sills, are a feature unique to the eastern domain.
The best sample recording includes 740ppm copper, 3,870ppm lead, 2,850ppm zinc and 11ppb gold with the copper anomalism associated with fine to medium grained metamorphosed mafic rocks of the Maynard Hills greenstone belt.
5b), which it is essentially common in the felsic Ms as indicated by the elongated high anomalous zone (~30%) at the west part and are low in mafic rocks. Hence, the weak K signature is indicated the Mv ones, except at the NE and south directions which noted moderate K concentration.
Due to mafic magmatism and subsequent heat exchange, high-temperature hydrothermal fluids pass through the volcano-sedimentary rocks in the sedimentary basin, and elements such as Mn, Fe, Ca, and Si are therefore leached from the mafic rocks into the water.
Even though most of the above studies deal with cumulate rocks, the processes they discuss for the final stages of crystallization, may also operate during solidification of non-cumulate mafic rocks.