(ˈmaɡəˌlɒɡ) or


(Journalism & Publishing) a combination of a magazine and a catalogue
[C20: from mag(azine) + (cat)alogue]


or mag•a•logue

(ˈmæg əˌlɔg, -ˌlɒg)

a sales catalog containing features characteristic of magazines, as articles and editorials, either mailed free or priced for purchase.
[1975–80;b. magazine and catalog]
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For lots 4, 5 and -6 printed matter Citylightposters, Magalogue and office equipment the framework agreement is to be completed only by a qualified service provider.
Vector Vest--A traditional magalogue promotion Craig Huey's Creative Direct Marketing Group, but one done extremely well, taking on the difficult task of explaining a some what complicated investment system and selling a high-period product in a very competitive market place.
One million copies of the autumn/ winter magalogue are about to hit the streets targeting shoppers with money to spend but little time to waste trawling the shop for those must-have items.
Take your Kew by calling (020) 8392-5658 for a magalogue ( and give the high street a rest this summer.
The 100 page, monthly magalogue, a cross between a catalogue and magazine, will include news, features and promotions following seasonal recipes.
com said: ``With the launch of the first-ever magalogue we have made the busy lives of rushed customers even easier by providing them with something which does not just act as a total style guide, but also allows them to log on and purchase within seconds.
At Manhattan-based Bergdorf Goodman, revenue gains at the Main and Men's stores were more than offset by planned lower magalogue sales in the period compared to last year, reflecting the shift to a drive-to-store marketing strategy.
The sponsorship is "disclosed' in mouseprint somewhere in a magalogue.
The magalogue was released in early December and it integrates the editorial content from the site and the apparel commerce from hooktstore.
Its range of products includes magazines, newspapers, newsletters, company reports, magalogues, corporate books and booklets, e-mail newsletters, online material, e-journals, mobile phone magazines, and vodcasts.
Consumer publishers in areas like health and investment that seem potentially more viable internationally tend to use 16-page letters, magalogues, and other still more elaborate mailing pieces.