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Noun1.magazine article - an article published in a magazinemagazine article - an article published in a magazine  
article - nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication
mag, magazine - a periodic publication containing pictures and stories and articles of interest to those who purchase it or subscribe to it; "it takes several years before a magazine starts to break even or make money"
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Thus Spake Zarathustra" is taken home; the reader, who perchance may know no more concerning Nietzsche than a magazine article has told him, tries to read it and, understanding less than half he reads, probably never gets further than the second or third part,--and then only to feel convinced that Nietzsche himself was "rather hazy" as to what he was talking about.
Levin had come across the magazine articles about which they were disputing, and had read them, interested in them as a development of the first principles of science, familiar to him as a natural science student at the university.
The old man's been reading some of them magazine articles about men who succeeded after forty," Annie jibed.
Allegations published Friday in a Rolling Stone magazine article raise new questions about a possible cover-up of critical information about the 1997 slaying of rapper Notorious B.
Paula Brock was quoted in a July 1 CFO magazine article .
IN A RECENT VEGETARIAN MAGAZINE ARTICLE ABOUT "Superfoods," soy was number 6 on the list.
The essays, some written for MSNBC and a couple for Konch, a magazine published by Ishmael Reed, comprise a wide spectrum, beginning with Ross's reflections on reaching age 43, The New York Times as workplace, media speak, Jayson Blair and a critique of a Times magazine article by a white conservative promoting race hate.
And I was delighted to see you have even more info with your posting of the article online--though I didn't see any indication of that when reading the magazine article.
A future PS Magazine article will address the IBA system.
ITEM: In her New York Times Magazine article noted above, Tina Rosenberg sharply criticized Rachel Carson's 1962 book Silent Spring.
I read your reference (Big Fat Lies: The Truth About the Atkins Diet) and although it did expose Atkins a little, it was mostly critical of the dishonest journalist who advocated the diet in a New York Times Magazine article.
I want to communicate, and you can reach many, many more people with a magazine article than with most books.