Magazine gun

a portable firearm, as a rifle, with a chamber carrying cartridges which are brought automatically into position for firing.

See also: Magazine

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"I also notice in one of the current magazines that someone makes a positive statement that a magazine gun cannot jam.
We call this magazine Gun Dog, and I call my springers gun dogs.
"The men who lobbied for shell limits when the laws were being considered knew exactly how much damage a guy with a magazine gun could do."
When reloads are timed, a box magazine gun will always have an advantage over one with a tubular mag, unless you're one of those who think a Lebel beats an Ml4.
The editor of the fan magazine Gun World also wrote in August 2001 about the trend in sales of police sniper rifles, which are generally in the 30 caliber range." Later, the document warns that "the entrepreneurs who powered the 50 caliber wave are already working on new designs.
The Army rejected it, but the Navy's Magazine Gun Board reported, "The comparative simplicity of the mechanism, and the ease with which the magazine can be applied, make it a valuable and destructive weapon.
The Navy's 1878 Magazine Gun Board apparently found the Lee serviceable enough, reporting in May of 1879 that "The comparative simplicity of the mechanism; and the ease with which the: magazine can be applied, make it a valuable and destructive weapon.
The first Winchester bolt action was the Model 1883 Hotchkiss Magazine Gun produced in the year 1883.
"I have been and am an advocate for a magazine gun, but it would seem part of the reason to postpone for the present any further efforts towards the adoption of a suitable magazine arm for the service.
Another magazine gun I enjoy hunting pheasants with is the Model 5500 Mossberg.
To match the growth of the airgun segment in recent years, Shooting Industry's sister magazine GUNS Magazine has added a regular airgun-centric column: Air Power.