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Noun1.magazine publisher - a business firm that publishes magazinesmagazine publisher - a business firm that publishes magazines; "he works for a magazine"
publisher, publishing company, publishing firm, publishing house - a firm in the publishing business
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Sir Robert Walpole, ruling the country with unscrupulous absolutism, had now put an end to the employment of literary men in public life, and though Johnson's poem 'London,' a satire on the city written in imitation of the Roman poet Juvenal and published in 1738, attracted much attention, he could do no better for a time than to become one of that undistinguished herd of hand-to-mouth and nearly starving Grub Street writers whom Pope was so contemptuously abusing and who chiefly depended on the despotic patronage of magazine publishers.
PUBLISHER: Magazine Publisher: This well established eight year old regional Magazine Publisher located in the St.
from a single-title magazine publisher to a thriving multimedia conglomerate.
Advisory board: Includes tennis figures Billie Jean King, Brad Gilbert, John Lloyd, Charlie Pasarell, Tennis Week magazine publisher Gene Scott and Tennis magazine publisher Jeff Williams.
The deal, which is expected to close at the beginning of October, will result in the formation of what SamonaWSOY calls a `new force in European magazine publishing', combining Europe's fifth-largest magazine publisher, CIG, with SanomaWSOY's Helsinki Media, Finland's largest magazine publisher.
a Christian book publishing and music recording company; Farm Progress Publishing Company, a consumer magazine publisher; Hitchcock Publishing Company, a trade magazine publisher, and PEMCO, an exposition management business.
The Sister 2 Sister magazine publisher says her urge Its salsa can't be tamed, whether she's at home in Washington, D.
A former pro football player and a magazine publisher have joined forces to open the West Coast edition of New York's popular Shark Bar at 826 N.
NEW YORK, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Paramount Publishing announced today a co-publishing agreement with the Impress Group, a leading Japanese computer book and magazine publisher, to translate Prentice Hall Computer Publishing (PHCP) titles for the Japanese market.
But magazine industry watchers see far more obstacles facing Zadeh - or any fledgling magazine publisher, for that matter.
radio broadcaster, Internet content provider and magazine publisher targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values, today announced two appointments at Salem's Louisville cluster of radio stations.
radio broadcaster, Internet content provider, and magazine publisher targeting audiences interested in Christian- and family-themed content and conservative values, announced that its Hawaii operations named John Matthews program director for the new 99.