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(ˈmæɡdəlɪn) or


1. literary a reformed prostitute
2. rare a reformatory for prostitutes
[from Mary Magdalene]
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Noun1.Magdalen - a reformed prostitutemagdalen - a reformed prostitute    
evildoer, sinner - a person who sins (without repenting)


[ˈmægdəlɪn] NMagdalena
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chimed in Miss Garth, when Magdalen came her way next.
repeated Magdalen, recovering her breath, and the use of her tongue with it.
I want the key," said Magdalen, passing from the imitation at the breakfast-table to the post-bag on the sideboard with the easy abruptness which characterized all her actions.
As for Magdalen," he continued, addressing his wife and Miss Garth, "she's an unbroken filly.
The door opened, and Magdalen returned with the key.
pursued Magdalen, dropping the postman's character and assuming the daughter's.
When he came to the fifth his attention, which had hitherto wandered toward Magdalen, suddenly became fixed on the post-mark of the letter.
Stooping over him, with her head on his shoulder, Magdalen could see the post-mark as plainly as her father saw it -- NEW ORLEANS.
Vanstone started, and looked eagerly at her husband the moment Magdalen spoke those words.
Norah and Magdalen, watching anxiously, saw nothing but the change that passed over their father.
I'm sure there must be something," persisted Magdalen.
It was the first direct rebuff that Magdalen had ever received from her father.