magenta pink

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Adj.1.magenta pink - of pink tinged with magenta
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Creamy shine, you only need very little and Melted Candy, a hot magenta pink and Pardon My French, a sweet pale pink, are my pick of colours.
Not dusky, gentle pink as worn by fairies and princesses but loud, shouty, magenta pink.
The pens come in a range of colours including, blue, red, lime green, magenta pink and purple, so the Paper Mate InkJoy 300 range will be sure to add a splash of colour to the new school term, and will guarantee to brighten up boring books or even help to colour code important revision notes.
The classic species is an intense orange, and I am drawn to Dusky Rose, which opens a magenta pink and then matures to something lighter but very elegant,.
The brand new, magenta pink mock croc (faux leather) finish is now available for floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobe doors.
Inflorescence pendulous, 40-70 x 10-15 cm with 12 to 30 branches; primary bracts like the upper scape bracts but without the long blade, mostly apiculate, mostly shorter than the peduncles, grey-green to pink; branches spreading at ca 30[degrees] from the axis with an ebracteate 3-7 cm x 2-4 mm flattened peduncle that exceeds nearly all of the primary bracts; the fertile portion 4-8 x 1-2 cm, 4 to 10 flowered; floral bracts elliptic, acute, 20-26 x 8-10 mm nerved, variably carinate, tightly imbricate in life, spreading when dried, glabrous except for a few pale fimbriate trichomes at the very apex, bright magenta pink, somewhat glaucose.
We're delighted that Nexus have shown their support by turning some of the iconic yellow Metro cubes the festival colour of magenta pink.
With blocks of radiant yellow, magenta pink, intense orange and chocolate brown the highlighter has something for every colour and skin tone.
Abolutelypink is a delicious new variety of naturally grown, magenta pink grapes which sport a honey-like sweetness.
Not only do hyacinths come in a wealth of colours, from deep purple to magenta pink, peach and cream, but their fragrance will fill the room and they look beautiful as a table centrepiece or on a mantelpiece.