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Adj.1.magenta pink - of pink tinged with magenta
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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PLANT OF THE WEEK FUCHSIA 'ARMY NURSE' AN OLD garden classic, this is a deciduous fuchsia with a beautiful semi-double flower in a striking magenta pink and violet blue combo.
Standing alongside her husband, Anjali and daughter Sara looked graceful in magenta pink and light green outfits.
I was struck by a variety named Harry, whose flowers and calyxes were a confetti of yellow, magenta pink and apricot.
From eclectic teal to magenta pink, anything and everything goes.
Hardy geraniums are one of the most useful garden plants for ground cover and they're long flowering - this one has vivid magenta pink blossoms and chartreuse green leaves.
Magenta pink basic tee, embroidered denim shorts, American Eagle Outfitters; gold wraparound bracelet, green shoulder bag with faux snake skin detail, Aldo Accessories
His notes to each picture emphasise her feeling for place in each painting, and he draws attention to her repeated use of what the artist herself called 'magenta pink'; even when used sparingly, it is frequently the key to the composition.
Not dusky, gentle pink as worn by fairies and princesses but loud, shouty, magenta pink.
The classic species is an intense orange, and I am drawn to Dusky Rose, which opens a magenta pink and then matures to something lighter but very elegant,.
The brand new, magenta pink mock croc (faux leather) finish is now available for floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobe doors.
Inflorescence pendulous, 40-70 x 10-15 cm with 12 to 30 branches; primary bracts like the upper scape bracts but without the long blade, mostly apiculate, mostly shorter than the peduncles, grey-green to pink; branches spreading at ca 30[degrees] from the axis with an ebracteate 3-7 cm x 2-4 mm flattened peduncle that exceeds nearly all of the primary bracts; the fertile portion 4-8 x 1-2 cm, 4 to 10 flowered; floral bracts elliptic, acute, 20-26 x 8-10 mm nerved, variably carinate, tightly imbricate in life, spreading when dried, glabrous except for a few pale fimbriate trichomes at the very apex, bright magenta pink, somewhat glaucose.