magic lantern

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magic lantern

An optical device formerly used to project an enlarged image of a picture.

magic lantern

(Photography) an early type of slide projector. Sometimes shortened to: lantern

mag′ic lan′tern

a device having a lamp and a lenslike opening, formerly used for projecting images on slides.

Magic lantern

An early version of a slide projector.
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Noun1.Magic lantern - an early form of slide projectormagic lantern - an early form of slide projector  
slide projector - projector that projects an enlarged image of a slide onto a screen
References in classic literature ?
There they are, those false images that agitated, enraptured, and tormented me," said he to himself, passing in review the principal pictures of the magic lantern of life and regarding them now in the cold white daylight of his clear perception of death.
However, this thought, like all others, came and went in a flash, for the whole morning was like a series of magic lantern pictures, crossing and recrossing her field of vision.
It is a magic lantern, of which the eye of man every year changes the aspects.
During many hours of the short winter days, however, when it was dusk there early in the afternoon, changing distortions of herself in her wheeled chair, of Mr Flintwinch with his wry neck, of Mistress Affery coming and going, would be thrown upon the house wall that was over the gateway, and would hover there like shadows from a great magic lantern.
And much good may be done by means of a magic lantern, or a missionary, or some popular amusement of that kind.
It came upon him nearer now, quite as one of those expanding fantastic images projected by the magic lantern of childhood; for the stranger, whoever he might be, evil, odious, blatant, vulgar, had advanced as for aggression, and he knew himself give ground.
They were often as entertaining to me as so many glasses in a magic lantern, and never took their shapes at my bidding, but seemed to force themselves upon me, whether I would or no; and strange to say, I sometimes recognised in them counterparts of figures once familiar to me in pictures attached to childish books, forgotten long ago.
He descended, or rather seemed to descend, several steps, inhaling the fresh and balmy air, like that which may be supposed to reign around the grotto of Circe, formed from such perfumes as set the mind a dreaming, and such fires as burn the very senses; and he saw again all he had seen before his sleep, from Sinbad, his singular host, to Ali, the mute attendant; then all seemed to fade away and become confused before his eyes, like the last shadows of the magic lantern before it is extinguished, and he was again in the chamber of statues, lighted only by one of those pale and antique lamps which watch in the dead of the night over the sleep of pleasure.
Only the little girl was not scared, because she had a little magic lantern.
But Midnight is very late for little ones (and little bears), so this year the Magic Lantern Cinema in Tywyn will bring the Magic of the New Year in a little bit early.
FESTIVE statues installed for the Magic Lantern Festival have already been vandalised - almost two weeks ahead of the launch.
As a noted lecturer, Reverend Salton made numerous public presentations, often assisted by his magic lantern slides and his biunial projector.