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Noun1.magic trick - an illusory featmagic trick - an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers
performance - the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment; "we congratulated him on his performance at the rehearsal"; "an inspired performance of Mozart's C minor concerto"
card trick - a trick performed with playing cards
prestidigitation, sleight of hand - manual dexterity in the execution of tricks
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Angels Inc, a trio of illusionists from the Netherlands,performed a magic trick where they appeared to multiply before the audience's eyes.
But there are times when these fluffs of sunshine cannot understand human ways, as in the case for some shelter dogs who were recently baffled by a magic trick performed by a magician.
Chris learned his first magic trick aged just 10 and, at 13, he saw the legendary Paul Daniels at the Whitley Bay Playhouse.
As I'm a magician, I went over and asked if she and her friends would like to see a magic trick. This girl I like was really keen and said, "Wow, I love magic."
He talked about how a small blind girl helped him with a rope trick in a show at 10 Downing Street and Paul said he was blown away when the girl said: "Mr Daniels that's the first magic trick I've ever seen." Talking about blind golfers, including those who score a hole in one, he also added: "How do they do it?
Impress your friends and family with your card skills with this easy magic trick.
All eyes rest on this prisoner as he masterfully performs one magic trick after another, using a deck of cards given to him by a guard.
In a previous report, Finnish magician Jose Ahonen shared a video to show how dogs reacted to his simple magic trick of making a dog treat vanish in front of them.
Mayne, who's dream magic trick is to make somebody's house disappear, shared that he wanted to be a scientist when he was younger.
He said if kids bring in their report cards and can show they have had no negative comments--they will get a free magic trick. They can also register their birthdays for one free magic trick.