magical ability

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Noun1.magical ability - an ability to perform magicmagical ability - an ability to perform magic    
ability - the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment
lycanthropy - (folklore) the magical ability of a person to assume the characteristics of a wolf
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Here, the power of imagination is given more importance than any kind of magical ability, and courage is found after battling one's personal dragons.
He has that magical ability to make you smile by just being in his presence.
A showman is transported to Oz because of his supposed magical ability, and finds himself trying to fulfil a prophecy.
The Summer of Impossible Things - Rowan Coleman, Ebury - out Thursday ON a sad return to her mother's Brooklyn birthplace following her suicide, Luna discovers a magical ability to transport herself back to the heady disco days of 1977.
This is what Kellen faces on the eve of his magical tests, he has little magical ability despite coming from a strong line of mages.
Now, in order to save the world she loves so dearly, she must master her magical ability for the sole purpose of entering the mysterious Labyrinth in order to stop the Decay that has infected her realm.
On a school trip to a farm he meets a wise old goat who has the magical ability of sending Malcolm to sleep and when he wakes up, he has turned into an animal.
And while there is some correlation between locally sourced food and health, imbuing local foods with the magical ability to make people healthier, reduce the carbon footprint or reshape the food business, is largely a myth.
Time after time, event after event, The Los Angeles Dumbledore's Army has proven its magical ability to throw a crowd pleasing unforgettable night for all.
The power ballad was performed in its original version in the film by American actress and singer Idina Menzel in her vocal role as Queen Elsa, who abandons her kingdom when her magical ability to create and control ice and snow is discovered by the public.
When the Dragon reluctantly picks the uncouth Agnieszka, he does so for her healing magical ability, which only the Dragon identifies and which he needs to fight the Wood.
There is a question mark over his defence but that's often the hallmark of a quality half-back and his teammates readily pitch in for him knowing he has the magical ability to conjure up try-scoring opportunities from nothing.