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In Wicca and certain other belief systems, action or effort undertaken to effect personal transformation or external change.

[Variant of magic.]

mag′ick·al adj.
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Direct experience with the divine and the potent energies of magick are defining experiences in a life of Witchcraft.
Dionne's training began as a young child while learning Native American Spiritualism, laying down the groundwork for a life of magick. He is the High Priest of the WISE Tradition, a British Traditional Wiccan path with roots to Janet and Stewart Farrar.
In contrast, the latest volume from Damien Echols offers refreshingly direct explanations of the theory and practice of magick, which the author defines as a spiritual tradition based on teachings from Gnostic Christianity, esoteric Judaism, and Taoism, as well as from divination methods such as the Tarot and the I Ching.
Synopsis: "Fire Fury Freedom" by Amanda Rose is set on a Earth--a dying planet on the verge of collapse, tormented pasts that haunt the present, and there is where there is an ancient hidden magick.
Thankfully, a handful of publishers have stepped in to provide the esoteric materials needed to spread the mind-body-spirit word, initiate the Wiccan masses, introduce the magick leaders, starry-eye the astrologers, and power the occult's supernatural endeavors.
Thankfully, he finds friends and allies--some expected, some unexpected--and soon discovers he, like his sister, can wield Old Magick. But without a mentor to help him, will Kevin be tempted to embrace Darkness?
Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates (KDA) has arranged a new, 5,000 s/f full-building lease for Magick Blyss Entertainment in its relocation to 101 Morgan Avenue in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY.
He gets pulled into a new occult religion where he performs "sex magick rituals" to make his dreams come true.
Historically, astrology and magick are woven from the same metaphysical threads.
Having traveled the world, she has studied shamanism, witchcraft (both modern and traditional), herbal medicine, and magick.
said it completed improvements for Magick Woods in the 375,000 square foot industrial property located at 1600 Sequoia Drive in Aurora.
Nik Taylor and Stuart Nolan's "Performing Fabulous Monsters: Re-Inventing the Gothic Personae in Bizarre Magick" highlights the golden age of magic in the late-Victorian era, which is currently being resurrected by contemporary performers of bizarre magick (the spelling promoted by the occultist Aleister Crowley), which is inherited from seances and spirit performances.