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After leaving the underground magma chamber, the magma forces its way sideways by fracturing rocks, sometimes for tens of kilometres.
When a volcano erupts, it's been agitated by moving tectonic plates that propel magma, lava, ash and rocks from deep inside the Earth through the magma chamber, spraying or trickling debris out of the volcano's vents.
It's the magma chamber breathing, expanding and contracting due to the tides, that's making the faults move," said Scholz.
At a press conference on Wednesday (May 29), TVO researchers announced that for a volcano to be active, it must have erupted within the past 10,000 years and currently have a magma chamber underneath.
The study's authors suggested that the formation of a magma chamber within the past few hundred thousand years could be the cause.
Lyrical prose and luminous paintings lead young readers ages 5 to 9 on a picture book tour of the Yellowstone supervolcano, from the wolves, elk, bears, and mountain goats that roam its surface, to the fiery depths of its magma chamber. "Volcano Dreams: A Story of Yellowstone "deftly knits together the vibrancy of the Yellowstone ecosystem with its explosive history, placing the everyday lives of its creatures within the context of geological time.
Stargazing in Chile's Atacama desert and going inside the magma chamber of a dormant volcano in Iceland will be just two of the highlights of a cruise on new luxury ship Azamara Pursuit when she debuts for the 2018-19 season.
However, these previous InSAR studies did not calculate the substantive damages of the volcanic activities but merely observed the volume change of the magma chamber according to the arithmetical deformation of the surface.
Analysis suggested the threat should not be as great this time because "energy at Mount Agung's magma chamber is not as big" and with the ash column only around a quarter as high so far as the 20 km (12 miles) reached in 1963, said Sutopo.
But if all goes according to plan, in 2020 a geothermal drilling rig will bore a 2.1km-deep hole directly into a magma chamber below the Krafla volcano.